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  • tjlau's WebLog

    get ready for management in the land of the rising sun...

    Tomorrow is Microsoft Management Summit 2004 Japan here in Tokyo. Bob Muglia's will be delivering the keynote, providing an update to the Dynamic Systems Initiative as well as announcing the availablity of MOM 2005 and Virtual Server 2005 in Japanese...
  • Santomania

    האם משתמשים אוהבים לראות הודעות בשפות שאינם אנגלית?

    אני בדעה שלא כדאי להציג כברירת מחדל הודעות שאינם באנגלית בדף הבית. הודעה זו מעניינת אולי 1% מהקוראים ושמשמשת כ"רעש" לשאר האוכלוסייה. אם כל ההודעות באתר זה היו מתחלקות שווה בשווה בין אנגלית, עברית, רוסית, סינית וצרפתית אז לפי חשבון פשוט רק כ-20% מההודעות...
  • Santomania

    The Infopath presentation to the .Net Architects User Group Rocked!

    Last night was lots of fun. I delivered a 2 hour InfoPath presentation to the Israeli .Net Architects user group. This was my first time in front of this particular UG, and they are a pretty sharp bunch who were very interactive with questions and comments...
  • Don Smith

    One parameter to rule them all: Part 2

    In my post yesterday, I recommended that Web Service operations should only have a single input parameter rather than multiple for the sake of versioning. In the comments of that post, Todd makes some really good points why having multiple parameters...
  • Loosely Coupled Thinking

    Podcasting will revolutionize broadcast (and satellite) radio

    Podcasting is to radio what Tivo is to television. Even better, the content tends to be far more interesting - think Newsgroups on talk radio and that's Podcasting. As cool as it is, the name is a real detriment. This is not an iPod only thing. I use...
  • Aali's blog

    Hurraa Jyväskylä!

    Imagine Cup -tilaisuus Jyväskylän yliopistolla onnistui ainakin osallistujamäärän suhteen erinomaisesti. ilmoittautuneita oli enemmän kuin saliin mahtui (190), onneksi saatiin vaihdettua isompaan saliin ettei tartte kenenkään istua lattialla :) Tilaisuus...
  • Kam VedBrat

    Use a lot of memory...

    I have been using Konfabulator for a few weeks now and recently noticed how much memory it uses. with six widgets open it was consuming just over 75 megs! It's a great utility but the memory usage seems very high. Then after looking a bit closer at what...
  • Just Coding

    Wix Links

    Wix is one of the few Microsoft open source projects, it's hosted at SourceForge under CPL licesnce. Wix allows to create setup files (.MSI, and .MSM) from Xml definition. If you want to start with it here are useful links:
  • Randy Holloway at Microsoft

    John Montgomery's support adventures

    Before I turn in tonight, I wanted to keep up with my resolutions (item #2) . John posted an account of him trying to help his father-in-law fix an issue with his PC . I've definitely been there, and find that when I try to help family I generally always...
  • Randy Holloway at Microsoft

    Three hundred posts

    So tonight, without even realizing it, I made my 300th post . In looking back over the past 18 months, 300 posts isn't that many, but it is a start. And when I look at my archives, I'm proud of some of what I blogged about (I think I'm still the only...
  • Tripp Parks's WebLog

    Who I am, What I do.

    Hi, My name is Tripp Parks and I am a SDET in the Peer Networking group in Windows Networking. The main reason for my posting a webblog is to give a little bit of information about the Peer Networking technologies and give a little bit of behind the scenes...
  • The Design-Time Developer

    Upcoming December MSDN Webcasts presented by Developer Community Champions (DCCs)

    Check out the December Webcasts we're presenting over the next few weeks. The first full week of December (12/6 - 12/10) will showcase SQL Server 2005 - this is a special theme week co-presented by the SQL Server Product Team and the DCCs. In addition...
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