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  • doncampbell's weblog

    First Office Developer Conference

    Last week Microsoft held their first Office Developer conference in Redmond. I attended and found it to be packed full of solid details on Office 2003 development topics such as InfoPath, Visual Studio Tools for Office, SharePoint Development, and more...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Why Sybari?

    News is out that Microsoft is to acquire Sybari Software Inc . But why Sybari? Microsoft's CIO, Ron Markezich, explains why and how Sybari has been protecting Microsoft's own infrastructure in a interview with the MS press team . "About a year ago we...
  • Rob Caron

    S. "Soma" Somasegar: The Smart Client Generation

    “On the performance and richness of a local application with the ease of deployment and administration of a Web application.” Keynote from VS Live! San Francisco (2/7/2005) covers: .NET Momentum (3rd Anniversary of .NET) Smart...
  • Visio

    Visio の配色機能

    PowerPoint ユーザーにご好評をいただいている機能の 1 つに配色という機能があります。背景、文字、線などの色のパターンを設定しておいて、作業中の文書に適用する機能で、自分でパターンを作成することもできるというものです。作業中の文書で色の切り替え結果を確認できるので、色のイメージがすぐにつかめます。色を切り替えるだけで自分の書いているメッセージの雰囲気がホットになったり無色透明感のあるものになったりと、いじっていると文体に影響を与えることも少なくありません。装飾に気をとられすぎて内容に気がまわらなくなるなんてこともよくありますが...
  • Paul Andrew

    MapPoint Web Service now includes New Zealand

    The MapPoint Web Service now includes data for New Zealand. Here's an article describing the changes in the release that has just occurred. See also the MapPoint Developer Centre and you can get a 12 month free subscription as an MSDN Subscriber. Go to...
  • Dan Crevier's Blog

    Process Explorer 9.0 is out

    I wrote about the previous release here . Here's what's new in 9.0: System information dialog has per-CPU graph option with hyperthreaded and NUMA processor information A Users menu duplicates the functionality of Task Manager's Users tab, showing Terminal...
  • Being Scott Densmore

    Public Apology to the Peeps

    I did not get to VSLive if any of you could were looking. I hope I didn’t disappoint to many people and I am deeply sorry for those that I did. I will be back to posting on Configuration tomorrow.
  • Devhammer on MSDN

    MSDN Events RSS feeds by state

    • 3 Comments allows you to access custom RSS feeds for MSDN events in your state. Simply select the desired state, then click the RSS button. Below are feeds for the states in the Mid-Atlantic district: District of Columbia...
  • vs2005news's WebLog

    See How Visual Studio 2005 is Tested

    There are a lot of great msdn blogs and posts written for or by testers at Microsoft. Given all of these you could probably start to piece together an aggregate of what it means to test a product at Microsoft, but you might be lacking some of the end...
  • Chris Castillo's WebLog

    Dragging-and-dropping from Custom Anchor Bar Windows

    I think the Visio application environment is pretty impressive because of all the things you can do to customize the user interface. There are not very many apps out there that will let you add your own custom windows. Visio allows developers to do just...
  • Ben Armstrong

    Coding Corner: Compacting a virtual hard disk

    Today I am going to go over a basic script for compacting a virtual hard disk. This script creates a virtual hard disk object from a string that points to the virtual hard disk file (in the script this information is provided as a command line parameter...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Secret Bunker Revisited...

    JR asks the following question on the Secret Bunker posting – When it is still easy to attack a system without access to the source, and we all know it is, why doesn't any advantage (like being able to patch the system directly yourself) become an instant...
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