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  • Jose's Blog

    Loading .config files in NUnit

    Last week I gave a presentation at Microsoft DevDays 2004 in Lisbon on Test-Driven Development. A day later I got this interesting question: "(...) if I'm testing a DLL assembly that uses a .config file to read in data, when I run the tests, NUnit...
  • Chris Garty's Weblog

    Safer C# Constructor-based Dependency Injection with readonly

    Most people would have used the const keyword while doing C# development, but I had never heard of the readonly keyword before. Well, this weekend I had a friend point out this keyword and the first usage that came to mind was constructor-based dependency...
  • Jason Zander's blog

    Why isn't there an Assembly.Unload method?

    We frequently get asked why you cannot unload an assembly from an app domain. After all, you can do a FreeLibrary() in unmanaged code to unload a DLL, and the CLR is just using DLL's right? Reasons to Want to Unload There are generally two reasons...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    CEWSDLGen 5.0 - Windows CE 5.0 CEC files...

    I now have CEWSDLGen for Windows CE 5.0 up and running, this integrates nicely with the new Windows CE 5.0 build system - initially I didn't like the change from the 4.2 CEC format to the new 5.0 'sources only' build system - I thought it was neat that...
  • Code/Tea/Etc...

    Paul Vick discusses the question that just won't go away... VB or C#?

    I get this question a lot, and I explain many of the same things that Paul goes through in this post, so I'd love it if more people would read this material: The "native" .NET language? In the comments on my post on language choice , Patrick asked “isn...
  • sunitc's WebLog


    It has been a long time since I have written a component that sends email. In the .NET world, sending email has been made very easy and all the objects are defind under the System.Web.Mail namespace. System.Web.Mail is a simple wrapper for the COM objects...
  • Cyrus' Blather

    HelpSvc.exe has gone insane!!

    Ok, for the past two weeks I've come back to my computer only to notice that HelpSvc.exe is taking up 100% of one CPU and System is taking up about 60% of another. I'm not the only one who had this happen to him. Kevin has the same problem but he got...
  • Visual Studio Data

    The *native* .NET Language? (by yag)

    Paul Vick has a great blog entry about C# being called the “native” .NET language and using functions in the VisualBasic namespace (some of which are faster than doing it the System namespace). A few key quotes: “The bottom line,...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Blogging - tools and wish list...

    Ok, so here I am trying out W.Blogger, I still have Visual Bloggar installed, and of course have Internet Explorer as a backup. each application I've tried seems to have some nice features, it would be awesome to get the following into a single application...
  • jaybaz [MS] WebLog

    enum->class Refactoring the OO way

    This one was pretty much TheoY’s. I coded it up, which probably means I corrupted his idea. So, give him credit for the good parts and I’ll take balme for the bad parts. Pretty much the same approach was taken in C++ by Johny in his...
  • jaybaz [MS] WebLog

    Generic Enum helper dud

    I hoped I could write a generic helper class that you could use when Refactoring your enum to a class. I wrote this: class EnhancedEnum <T> where T : struct { public readonly T Value; public EnhancedEnum (T value) { this .Value...
  • jaybaz [MS] WebLog

    Refactor enum->class: Answer 1

    This is the follow up to the enum->class refactoring post . So, one approach is to try to decode what ‘enum’ does in C#. Thomas Eyre’s answer is pretty much the same, with a couple differences: · Thomas wrote his TDD...
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