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  • Nonnenberg's Notes

    Debugger Visualizer: Advanced Dataset Visualizer

    This is the most advanced visualizer I've seen so far. And it's also the first restricted visualizer I've seen: it has an expiration date, and no source code to help you build your own for this one... With that preface out of the way, let's talk about...
  • Sara Ford's Weblog

    What Video Game Character I am

    Sweet I am a Defender-ship . I am fiercely protective of my friends and loved ones, and unforgiving of any who would hurt them. Speed and foresight are my strengths, at the cost of a little clumsiness. I’m most comfortable with a few friends, but sometimes...
  • .NET Security Blog

    Yiru on Debugging LCG

    Yiru's got a great piece up on using SOS to debug code that was emitted using Whidbey's new Lightweight CodeGen feature. Debugging any code written at the IL level can be tricky for anyone who doesn't have Partition III of ECMA committed to mind. LCG...
  • .NET Security Blog

    Mike Downen Starts Blogging

    After months of telling me that he's just about to start blogging, Mike Downen , the guy who's in charge of designing CLR security features, finally got his blog setup today . His first post is about obfuscation, and future posts will go into some of...
  • Andy Pennell's Blog

    Updated NoStepInto article for Whidbey

    I have updated the post at to include information on Visual Studio 8.0 (Whidbey) as the registry location has changed. Sorry for the lack of blogging for the last few months, I have some...
  • David Wang

    Why you get Access Denied despite being an Administrator or enabled Anonymous Access in IIS

    Why you still get access denied to IIS even if you are an administrator or enabled anonymous access....
  • Daryll McDade

    US Imagine Cup winners get picked up in their local paper!

    VERY cool ! :) I said it before , I'll say it again--this app ROCKED! I think that these guys will do very well in Yokohama.
  • John R. Durant's WebLog

    Microsoft Outlook, PowerPoint and .NET Documentation

    OK- my title is a little misleading- we don't really have any documentation for the Outlook, PowerPoint or other Office PIAs. We only have the for Word and Excel if you are using Whidbey (VS 2005). However! My colleague, Eric Carter, started an effort...
  • Nick on Silverlight and WPF

    Windows Forms interop

    A couple months have passed since Deepak Kapoor and I wrote an article about Avalon-Windows Forms interop. ( ) I still point people to that article; even though it was written...
  • Rob Copeland's Blog

    Friday Morning

    I attended an Orcas planning meeting this morning. Even though I took the day off today I didn't want to miss this meeting. Orcas is the next version of Visual Studio (after Whidbey) and we've been spending time working on the "pillars" of that product...
  • Daryll McDade

    Project Aardvark update

    Project Aardvark is a project pulled together by Joel Spolsky (he of Joel on Software fame). Excerpt from Joel on what Project Aardvark is; "Instead of wasting their talents giving them the usual dull and unimportant tasks of a typical summer internship...
  • Keith Short's Blog

    Microsoft's Modeling Strategy

    My team has written a document that explains Microsoft’s Modeling Strategy and addresses a number of FAQ’s we get from customers and partners. The outline is: Why Modeling? How Are DSLs Used in Model-Driven Development? What About UML? What About MDA...
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