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  • Visual Studio Product Feedback Blog

    Bug of the Week

    This week's Bug of the Week Award goes to MSDN Product Feedback Center user “PGomersall ” for the bug: Starting MS Outlook 2003 starts C# Express installer Thanks for helping make Visual Studio a better product and keep the great feedback coming! Marie...
  • Ben Armstrong

    Where has Ben been?

    Hi All - sorry for the little break on my Blog. I have just bought a new house and have been tied up getting ready to move into it, so posts may be a bit sporadic over the next week or two. Cheers, Ben
  • Ben Armstrong

    Why did Virtual PC just tell me that it has 'disabled live resolution switching'?

    As I mentioned here: - Virtual PC supports the ability to change the guest resolution by resizing the virtual machine window (rather than changing the resolution through the standard dialogues). This is a very cool feature - but one of the problems that...
  • Software Test Engineering @ Microsoft

    Encarta Blog is up and running!

    The Encarta Team blog is now up and running with it's very first post. Take a look here ! The IE Team blog is currently the best team blog I've read, but I hope our Encarta blog is ultimately of similar quality. BTW- Reading the IE blog it really came...
  • Toffer's WebLog

    5 years at MS...

    Woot. My team just burst into my office and threw confettie (however that word is spelled) all over. I guess today is my 5 year marker. So far all of it has been in the Windows Division which I've been pretty happy with...although if I can find an opening...
  • Chris Flaat's WebLog

    Expanded internal interest in Scrum

    Today Dave Froslie was visiting Redmond from the Fargo MSFT site, and gave a talk to a VS team about Scrum, which I also attended as an observer. It was a good meeting, and I'm hopeful that this team will give Scrum a try. I invited them to our team's...
  • Chris Flaat's WebLog

    Team member "borrowed"

    Well, effective this week we had one of our Scrum team members "borrowed" by another team for 6 weeks. (My manager insists that it was purely my decision, although it was one of those "either do this or come up with a better alternative" decisions. :...
  • MSDN Student Flash

    Keep up on PDC

    PDC – Professional Developers Conference – is coming up later this year, and it’s always one of the most anticipated developer conferences going. Keep up on the latest news about it via RSS here, or keep up with Microsoft employees who...
  • The .NET Show

    The .NET Show: The 50th Episode!

    It's true, we've now hit the big Five-Oh in production of the .NET Show! Yesterday, we finished filming... er... taping this special episode, and needless to say we did something a little special this time. For one thing, we had a "live" studio audience...
  • One Louder

    Jonas and my new digital camera

    Nobody can tell me that Jonas isn't the cutest doggie ever! He's a good excuse to go home at a reasonable time, too! I bought a digital camera this weekend. Unfortunately discovered the red eye reduction feature after I took this picture but he's still...
  • David Gristwood's Blog

    So, should you use web services in your own applications?

    A very simple question - should you use web services in your own application? Most professional developers are bought into the idea these days of exposing functionality in their applications via web services, for greater interoperability, but the question...
  • I'm not a Klingon ( )

    "Precomposed" and "Composite" Characters in Windows APIs

    The term Composite and Precomposed in the Windows docs give me trouble, so I suspect they give other people trouble. Basically Unicode provides 2 ways of encoding some characters. Sometimes a character can be encoded as a single character (like Ä or U...
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