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  • .net and other interesting dev stuff in PA

    Language Enhangements mini-session today

    Thanks to all that attended the mini-session webcast that I presented today on Language Enhancements . As promised here is a link to the recording and the slides/demos .
  • sano the super geek

    ColorPicker.NET v0.1.1

    I had a few cycles today so I spent some time fixing some bugs in ColorPicker.NET .
  • Korby Parnell's Social Software Wunderkammer

    Can’t Find It? Help me! Need answers? No problem.

    You’ve tried every possible Boolean combination of four simple friggin’ keywords. You’ve scanned 176 Web pages. It’s CRAZY! Don’t despair! It’s not your fault. It’s my fault and I haven’t given up on you yet. Note: If you’re having a help emergency please...
  • Darryl Burling @ Work

    .Net User Group and resources

    We had a great night last night at the Wellington .Net User Group. We had 50 people turn up to listen to talks on Visual Studio Team Suite, AJAX.Net and Developing for Windows Media Center. After my talk last night I thought I'd put up a list of the...
  • Nick on Silverlight and WPF

    hwnd interop (part 2)

    Airspace Now that we understand what's going on behind the scenes, let's describe some of implications, which I refer to as "airspace". Within a top-level window, I like to think of each hwnd as having its own "airspace" -- each pixel within the window...
  • Dave Massy's Blog

    IE7 User Agent String

    IE7 has a new user agent string. See for details. As we continue our testing of IE7 we continue to come across web sites that are not expecting version 7 of the browser. Often they helpfully suggest...
  • Thom Robbins .NET Weblog

    Language Enhancements

    Thanks to all that attended the mini-session today on Language Enhancements today done by Stan Spotts . As was promised here is a link to the recording and the slides/demos .
  • Ulrich's SOAP Box

    Working with Whitehorse, Pt2…

    I said in my last post that the benefit of using Whitehorse has been marginal so far. To my surprise, I never got a single email refuting this. I still stand by that comment, although I am being a little hard on Whitehorse. At this stage in the design...
  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    Let's test drive Jobster together

    Ok, ok. Put me over in Heather's camp ... Jobster is winning me over, too. Today I met with Dave Lefkow , and I decided to give Jobster a spin as well. Heather sums up my rationale very well over on her blog . (It's built on the whole "I'll tell a friend...
  • Rob Caron

    Homesteading a Team System Community

    It’s now official – the Team System community site is up and running! Thanks to Mickey Gousset , Omar Villareal , Joel Semeniuk and Dave Bost for this collaborative effort. Here are some of the announcement blog posts: ...
  • Michael Creasy's blog

    Many questions - MSAS, playing WAV files and what to develop Media Center apps with

    I've had lots of questions recently and no time to really get answers and post them up here. If I haven't answered you question it's because I don't know the answer and haven't had enough time to get to the bottom of it yet. First of all I had a couple...
  • Rob's Speech Stuff

    Another speech blogger

    Chris Schindler from the Speech Server team started his blog yesterday ! Today's speech API tidbit: the synthesizer API can also splice audio files into the output stream. Try this: Dim pb As New PromptBuilder pb.AppendAudio( "c:\windows\media...
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