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  • Matt Powell

    The Future of Longhorn and Indigo

    In case you didn't see it, Microsoft announced that Longhorn would ship in 2006 and that Indigo would be available in XP and Win 2003 versions. Of course we have been saying that portions of Indigo would be available on XP and Win2003 for awhile now ...
  • IEBlog

    IE in Windows Server 2003 SP1 and Windows XP 64-bit edition v2003

    With XPSP2 out the door, we’re turning our attention to bringing our latest security enhancements to upcoming Windows releases. Next up: Windows Server 2003 SP1 and Windows XP 64-bit edition v2003, which are both currently in Beta. Both these platforms...
  • Windows Mobile Team Blog

    Gaming & Java

    Jonothan Wells, (also called "Jono," in some circles), has an interesting discussion developing on the popularity of Java development for mobile devices, and potential applicability of J# as a programming language. Check it out:
  • Dino's Blog

    Cooperative Fiber Mode Sample - Day 7

    At this point we’ve covered nearly all the major components of the unmanaged host. The one remaining detail is the interface that’s used between the managed fiber mode implementation and the unmanaged host. This is all implemented in callbacks.cpp. We...
  • Korby Parnell's Social Software Wunderkammer

    How To: Report Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Bugs

    If you get a chance to install and play around with the Community Technology Preview of Visual Studio Team Foundation in late 2004 or one of the Beta releases in early 2005 and if you encounter a product bug or want to make a feature suggestion--especially...
  • oliverlu's WebLog


    提到 Workflow ,总觉得似乎是很高深,很奇妙的东西。其实,不就是一个普通的程序吗? SPS2003 中也有 Workflow 的支持, GotDotNet 上还有一个例子,大家可以去看看: 还有人做了一段 vedio:
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Cambridge - Day 2

    It's now day 2 in Cambridge, actually, day 2 started around 3am when my Redmond based body clock kicked in, no amount of staring at the ceiling got me back to sleep, so I decided to get up and work on some technical papers for MSDN... The main embedded...
  • Roberdan

    InfoPath 2003 Form Viewer Sample Application (thx to Mark Bower)

    • 2 Comments Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003 provides a powerful way of designing and deploying electronic forms to capture information as XML. In order to design, fill-in and view InfoPath forms, Microsoft Office InfoPath...
  • Ryans WebLog

    Finally! The Follow up on calling procs from views

    Wow - time flies, I really can't beleive its been 3 weeks since I last looked at this blog. To follow up on some of the feedback I got, here is a summarey of the post I was discussing. Its a re-hash of the actual posting from OJ, but it should give you...
  • Roberdan

    Integrating Word, Excel, and InfoPath with SQL Server 2000 (THX to OfficeZealot)

    Integrating Word, Excel, and InfoPathwith SQL Server 2000 Too often, an organization's valuable data sits locked away, inaccessible to the people who could transform it into intelligence, insight, and, ultimately, competitive advantage. With the Microsoft...
  • Roberdan

    Digitally Signing Data in InfoPath 2003

    DigitallySigning Data in InfoPath 2003 Learn to use new features and object model members to customize and extend digital signatures capabilities in your InfoPath form templates.
  • GrantRi's WebLog [MS]

    64bit versus 32bit

    Please don't start a flame war over this. It is meant as more of a Dilbert-style post with just the slightest bit of real technical content. 64-bit machines are twice as fast as 32-bit machines because they have more bits. Believe it or not there are...
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