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  • Irwin Dolobowsky's Blog

    He's Back Folks!

    I know everyone missed me the last two weeks, but rest assured, I'm back and on top of things. Thanks to all those who were patient in waiting for a response from me. I was bouncing around the East for two weeks in Bermuda and New Jersey, loving every...
  • Lisa Wollin

    Creating Image Mouseovers

    After I learned JavaScript, the first thing I did was create an image mouseover. The one I created was relatively simple, just a few lines of code. I've since seen many more complex examples that do basically the same thing as my simple little script...
  • Bit-cycling

    Still alive..

    It's been a busy few months, and I haven't had time to post -- first shipping SP2, then working on some Longhorn planning. As of Nov 1st, I'm no longer working on Windows Networking (except peripherally). I've joined the the IE team as a senior PM...
  • Calvin Hsia's WebLog

    Sending Christmas cards: Creating mailng labels automatically

    A family member sent out an emergency email plea for help: I bought labels: Avery 8160, which have very clear instructions about how to enter names and addresses manually, but nothing about how to use data from an Excel file to do so. tells...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Craig Neable has nothing to say on his blog...

    Craig Neable has started blogging (and aboot time to!) – Craig is a pretty interesting guy, even though he doesn’t think so, and knows a ton of stuff about the .NET Compact Framework – I’m sure Craig is going to have a ton of interesting stuff to say...
  • Michaeljon Miller

    What's with the CRM security descriptor?

    In response to a number of questions I'm seeing on the Microsoft CRM newsgroup I've gone back through the archives and dug this up. I hope it helps. There's been lots of speculation around the security descriptors in Microsoft CRM, and none of it is quite...
  • Roberdan

    Webcast ITA: Le funzionalità base di doc management di Windows Sharepoint Services

    Le funzionalità base di doc management di Windows Sharepoint Services     Ora inizio: lunedì 13 dicembre 2004 10.30 (GMT + 1.00 h) Roma, Stoccolma Ora fine: lunedì 13 dicembre 2004 12.00 (GMT + 1.00 h) Roma, Stoccolma Descrizione...
  • Live Search

    Visit us at SES

    Next week myself and a couple of others are going to be at SES in Chicago. We’ll be doing demos of the Beta , fielding questions and listening to what the attendees have to say. Stop by, say ‘Hi’, and get a t-shirt (we’re right by the entrance). On Tuesday...
  • Marcelo's WebLog

    Don Box on Technical Presentations

    Don Box , of COM and SOAP and Web Services and .NET fame, shares some good advise about what goes into a technical presentation over at Channel 9 . The tip about lowering one's voice alone is worth the 20', which are packed with good stuff anyway. Certainly...
  • Robert Burke's MSDN Weblog

    Irish Game Development Talk in the Digital Hub (or, 'The quest for Pao Rialto')

    I was a last-minute addition to a panel discussion last night in Dublin’s Digital Hub about the future of Game Development in Ireland. Ireland is a country where we have a publisher (Microsoft), some very strong middleware , but almost no international...
  • Calvin Hsia's WebLog

    Using non-Automation compatible types

    A customer asks: I’m using a third party COM server dll with my VFP8 application. One of its methods requires a structure as a parameter. It seems to me that unlike with dlls, where you can trick VFP into substituting a character string for a structure...
  • Joe Stagner - Frustrated by Design !

    CHECK IT OUT - The Code Room Pilot Episode

    How cool is this !!! MSDN Events TV on The Server Side .NET The Code Room Pilot Episode Of check out the
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