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  • Visio


    Visio の用途のトップ 5 に入るのがフローチャート作成、といわれています。Visio のパッケージやアイコンにもフローチャートのイメージが入っていますし、Visio といえばフローチャート ツールと連想される方も多いでしょう。というわけで今回は Visio の基本であるフローチャート即効作成の方法を紹介します。 まずはテンプレートの選択から。実は、図面の種類の選択画面には基本フローチャートのテンプレートが 2 つあります。[フローチャート] と [ビジネス プロセス] の中なのですが、[ビジネス...
  • Chris Pratley's Office Labs and OneNote Blog

    OneNote Shared Sessions

    It's been awhile since I have had time to update my blog, but it looks like I may be able to spend a little time on it for the next little while. I thought I'd try to do a series of posts on good or clever or original ways to use OneNote. Please feel...
  • Glen's old blog

    Secure that trace.axd file

    In our current series of MSDN Events , we are spending a good bit of time on ASP.NET tracing and showing the usefulness of the trace.axd file. After doing some research around the web (using MSN Search of course!) I came across some information on how...
  • Federated Infrastructure

    The Federation Firewall Boundary

    As a specialist by trade in both technology and financial audit, internal control structures and security play an important role in the work that I do. I came across Steve Riley's Death of the DMZ over broadband the other day and his thesis really hit...
  • Cameron Beccario

    IsNot patent

    I can't stand seeing my friends slammed on Slashdot yet again , so I'd like to say something about the " IsNot patent " fiasco. Paul, Amanda, and Corneliu are some of the nicest people I know, and I had the pleasure to work directly with them for several...
  • Peter Torr's Blog

    Guerrilla Threat Modelling (or 'Threat Modeling' if you're American)


    A crash-course in developing Data Flow Diagrams in support of software threat models

  • Federated Infrastructure

    Post-ADC Problems In Federations

    Okay, so these problems could potentially exist anywhere. The reason I draw attention to them is that, often times in federations, a consultant, such as myself, might only be working with one of the groups (the ones leading the initiative). As such, visibility...
  • Federated Infrastructure

    ADC Design for the Federation

    Sometimes, the rules are complicated enough that it's easier just to break them; just ask anyone who's applied for a remodel permit. The same can be said about ADC Deployment in a federated environment. The ADC was designed, for an organization of 77...
  • Thom Robbins .NET Weblog

    Show me the Code!

    Thanks to Carl for a great Mini-Code Camp! Looking for the files? Samples Plug ins
  • Federated Infrastructure

    The Legacy Exchange 5.5 Federation

    The following scenario plays out one of the most common histories we see in the Exchange 5.5 design of federated environments. In fact, we can probably blame the flexibilty of Exchange 5.5 for the majority of federations that exist today because it made...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Mobile and Embedded Devcon - Web site Live !

    Are you interested in attending this years “not to be missed” combined Mobile and Embedded Developers Conference (MEDC) ? [May 9th – 12th, Las Vegas) – the Conference Web Site is now live – keep an eye out for session and...
  • Point2Share

    SharePoint-less in Zurich

    Well folks something just occurred to me. As of March 1st, I officially move on from my short stay in the SharePoint Support team (a superb group of people who I will still work with very closely) to our newly formed SharePoint EMEA (Europe, Middle...
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