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  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    Latest MSDN Flash Sneak Peak

    The new MSDN Flash is about to be delivered, so here is the sneak peak from the pirate archive .
  • Just Coding

    DataBinding to Enum Values

    When you have an Enum variable, and you want to build a UI to let the user choose one of this values, it's very convenient to show the user the current allowed values of the Enum. You can avoid duplicate data, doing this... (note it uses reflection, so...
  • Rob's Speech Stuff

    Speech platforms

    Since a few different speech technologies were mentioned in the comments, I thought it might be useful to summarize the speech platform technology we currently provide. Windows Windows XP, Tablet and 2003 all include: SAPI 5.1: the COM API for use by...
  • Ben Armstrong

    Why can I only assign up to 25% of the CPU to my virtual machine? (under Virtual Server)

    This is a question I get asked a fairly regularly. The scenario is that the user is running Virtual Server on a 4 processor physical computer and is confused as to why they can only assign 25% of CPU resource to a virtual machine. There are a couple of...
  • One Louder

    I'm moving offices...again!

    I're thinking "didn't she just move offices? Are her hall-mates sick of her already?" Not even. Last move was to get me into the same building as my team. The next shift is to move around the groups within the building. I went down and checked...
  • IEBlog

    What have you guys been doing since IE6?

    Before I answer this, I want to acknowledge that we have a problem if people are asking this question. Listing what we’ve done or our priorities will help but won’t address the problem. Responding to specific questions with a great product and great documentation...
  • Dan Fernandez's Blog

    Java Developers Migrating to .NET

    If you're a Java developer and you're interested in moving to .NET, Brian Keller points out some of the newly available training options and how to sign up for the free training . updated with correct grammar per comments
  • Ivan Joseph's WebLog

    Project Descriptions from last years contest - FYI

    Since we are on the subject, I am attaching some project descriptions from last years competition just as interesting information for you. These teams excelled in the competition last year. Please note that the theme last year was safety so all the projects...
  • Rob's Speech Stuff

    Phoneme segmentation

    In a recent comment, James Salsman wrote “SAPI 4.0a had phoneme segmentation” and he asks that we put it back into our newer APIs. (You can see more about SAPI 4 here ). It’s been a long time since we made an API with this functionality. I’m curious to...
  • Powertoys WebLog

    VS Editor Font Zooming like Word

    Via "A very big thank you to Henrik Stuart for writing this VS Editor Zoom control and updating it for Whidbey. " "Just like Word’s zoom control, adjusting the value of this control will increase...

    Cooking with .NET

    I just watched the video of Chris Gray on Channel9 . This is a great piece showing how to create a web service to upload pictures from your camerphone to a home server. Chris Gray - Building your own home server Chris Gray, a developer in the Windows...
  • Stanislas Quastana's WebLog

    Nouvelle version de l'AntiSpyware (encore en bêta) de Microsoft

    La version 1.0.509 est disponible en téléchargement à l'adresse suivante: Une copie d’écran de la version Corporate (dont a parlé Bill Gates...
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