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  • notes and rants

    A few random notes...

    Although this is (as the title implies) not a typical blog, I've determined that I should post here every few weeks or so - mainly because if I don't, the old threads close, and nobody can post responses. Many people have gone ahead and emailed me directly...
  • Mike Stall's .NET Debugging Blog

    Getting your feedback!

    I'm interested in our consumer's feedback and knowing what sort of things people would like me to blog about. If you have feedback or things you'd like to see me post on, please just post a comment on this blog instead of trying to send me email. (I bet...
  • David Waddleton's Geek Speak

    Geek Speak: Comming to New Orleans, LA

    Hi Everyone, I will be at comming to New Orleans, LA on October 7th. I look forward to talking to you there. Thanks David Waddleton You can register by going to
  • Kevin W. Hammond

    Sun releases J2SE 5.0 - more downloads!

    Just when I thought that I was reaching a point where some level of stability might be introduced into my Java experience for at least 48 hours, Sun releases J2SE 5.0 . Well, there's at least two more downloads! [Edited to remove reference to a new release...
  • Chris Johnson

    SPS Extended Indexer

    For a while now i have been working on an addon for SharePoint Portal Server Search that allows you to search other content sources that are not supported out of the box with SPS. This need arose from a customer who wished to search their iManage DMS...
  • Uwe Baumanns H.T.T.P. (Humorvolle, teilweise technische Posts)

    Braucht die Welt mein Blog? (Teil 2)

    Erste Erkennis meines mir und der Welt gegenüber gnadenlosen Selbstversuchs : * Blogging verleitet zum Predigen. * Ist das wirklich Grammatik?
  • Owen Allen - The MOSS Garden

    A bit slow, lately... Wazzup?

    Well, my entries here have been a bit on the weak side lately... I've been pinged a few times about why that is... Let's just say that things have been pretty busy around here, and I've been working with some great BizTalk and Content Management Server...
  • Chris Johnson

    Cleanse - Day 1

    Somehow i managed to get roped into a 4 day long digestive tract cleanse. With so much "modern" food being so highly processed and refined you apparently end up with your digestive tract in a state of disrepair. Apparently this results in the degraded...
  • TS Tidbits

    Ohio SMS Users Group – Next meeting is Nov. 4th, 2004 featuring Rod Trent from MyITForum!

    Who: Anyone who has an interest in SMS is invited to attend (Ohio residence is NOT required). What: An opportunity to meet other people in your area who are interested in SMS and to learn more about it through open discussions and presentations by leading...
  • Ryan Farber's WebLog

    I love C#

    I love C#. It’s everything VB/VBS promised but didn’t quite give us. I was a hard core VB junky following the maxim “get it done today!” VB allowed me to do that. OK so every once in a while I needed code in C++ to keep my stuff reasonably speedy but...
  • Roberdan

    è nato GianMarcoG !!!!!!

    Ebbene si, il buon PierG si è riprodotto!! Ed ora al mondo c'è un misto genovese/modenese in più, un mezzo ingegnere e mezzo matematico che ha già dimostrato chi è che comanda ;) Auguri alla mamma e al papà, che speriamo torni presto su queste pagine...
  • Roberdan

    SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Topic Assistant live in web

    The Topic Assistant in Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 can be used to automatically associate content on the portal site with areas on the portal site. It uses areas associated with a training set of documents to suggest areas for content...
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