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  • Marley Gray's WebLog

    Planning a Re-factoring exercise?

    Re-factoring is great when you are working with non-shipping/in use code, however, once deployed it can become a planning challenge. If you go find yourself putting something in to production because it works and the business needs it now, you need to...
  • Michiko's Blog

    Not too chubby not too skinny (stay in good shape)

    Time flies!! September is almost there while I am working on a serious diet for actually both MSDN and TechNet. Gaining some weight is so easy but losing a little chunk of fat is so tough. And there's no exception for that. My cat is on a diet too and...
  • Dariusz quatscht

    Im Eifer des Gefechts

    Liebe Teilnehmer des gestrigen ADO.NET 2.0 Webcasts. Mir ist im Eifer des Gefechts ein Riesenmissgeschick passiert. Ich habe irrtümlicherweise gedacht dass ich nur 60 Minuten zur Verfügung habe. Jedoch hätte ich 90 Minuten gehabt und dementsprechend sind...
  • Chris Keyser's Blog

    SCT Options - Pinning a client session to a service instance

    Most web developers are familiar with one way with maintaining state within a web farm from their ASP days...server affinity. This was really the only optional available before .NET other than writing your own distributed session management solution for...
  • 微軟技術社群 Microsoft Technical Community


    微軟技術社群暨最有價值專家 (Community and MVP) 及微軟研究開發處視窗平台產品部門 (Windows Division) ,即將在 93 年 9 月 10 日(星期五) 共同主��� 「微軟研究開發處與微軟技術社群暨最有價值專家平台高峰會」 ,誠摯的邀請您參加。   活動議程: Topic (1) Windows XP SP2 system and device installation. Topic (2) Virtual Server and Virtual PC 時間地點: 日期...
  • 微軟技術社群 Microsoft Technical Community

    好文章分享 -- 午睡的神奇力量

    作者 : 吳若女 你有很好的飲食習慣,少油、少鹽、少肉、多蔬果;你每天補充維他命,有規律的運動,早睡早起不熬夜。一整天下來,大部份的時間都感覺不錯。 但在午餐和晚餐中間,你會覺得頭昏腦脹,思路緩慢,好像也不太能集中精神。這時候你也許開始找咖啡或茶葉,也許在懊悔午餐吃錯了。小睡片刻,或許是你可以考慮的。 正常的生理反應 不是嬰兒、老年人或病人才需要午睡,愈來愈多的證據顯示,在經過半天的活動之後,有一股力量會驅策我們休息一下。早在遠古時代,祖先為了躲避午後的暑熱,會小憩片刻以保持體力。 睡眠專家狄曼特...
  • janok's WebLog

    Messaging Total Cost of Ownership

    For de av dere som skal ut å migrere Lotus Domino løsninger. Her er en link til Meta group rapport som forteller at Exchange har lavere TCO enn Domino.
  • Larry Osterman's WebLog

    Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your stackframe grow?

    So there was a discussion on an internal mailing list yesterday, and Raymond popped in with the following quote: The problem is that some people draw stacks growing downward (so "top of stack" is lowest) and others growing upward (so "top of stack" is...
  • Rob Caron

    New Team System Stuff - 2004-08-19

    I've been really busy this week, so these have been piling up for a few days... Soma points to some of the tools that'll help developers write code that's more secure: Security - How we enable you to write secure code Visual Studio 2005 Team System developers...
  • Santomania

    BlogWave version 0.3 (Alpha 3) - Released!

    This release is full of cool new features. Drag-and-drop enables creating complex aggregate feeds in literally seconds. Context Menus. NNTP (newsgroup) support. A pluggable architecture and a C# code sample showing how to connect BlogWave to additional...
  • Baiju Nair's Blog on Visual Web Developer

    Visual Web Developer 2005

    I also decided to join the crowd by creating a web log. Let me introduce myself first. My name is Baiju Nair. I work for Visual Web Developer, mainly on project system feature (I know VWD does not have a project file unlike C#, VB etc). Or more specifically...
  • Windows Mobile Team Blog


    The Windows Embedded Developers Interest Group is holding their inaugural meeting on September 1. They'll be in the "Quinalt" room in building 34 on Microsoft's main campus. Details are at . Some folks from the Windows CE group will...
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