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  • Antimail

    Innovative database technology coming from... High Energy physics

    How would you design a database if you have to store gigabytes of new data every second ? A particle accellerator generates a huge amount of data, that needs to be stored in real-time on very large storage systems. Usually, the offline analysis phase...
  • Roberdan

    InfopathDev web site

  • Marcus Perryman's WebLog

    Windows Mobile 5.0 resources

    Here are some early resources for Windows Mobile 5.0: Windows Mobile 5.0 dedicated web site Summary of WM 5.0 features Video of MEDC keynote ( 300kbps , 100kbps and 56kbps ) and powerpoint deck .
  • Calvin Hsia's WebLog

    Binding to Internet Explorer events: bug in Typelibrary

    I was using the web browser control and getting some errors when binding to its events. This can be duplicated with the code below. To generate the event class, open the object browser (Tools->Object Browser) and select the Microsoft Web Browser...
  • Betsy Aoki's WebLog

    Hear me speak about blogging at TechEd Amsterdam

    Hi all, I didn't make it on the presentation roster for Orlando, but I've been honored with the opportunity to speak for two sessions at TechEd Amsterdam about blogging. The first is a breakout session on the Community Server and .Text software that...
  • greggm's WebLog

    Making Wrong Code Produce Compiler Errors

    Joel, of Joel on software wrote an interesting blog ( Making Wrong Code Look Wrong ) last week that I just found time to read. I would largely agree with him. Really quick summary: he argues for variable prefixes to prevent accidentally doing the wrong...
  • Rico Mariani's Performance Tidbits

    Performance Quiz #6 -- Analyzing the managed code

    Raymond didn't post an update today so I think this is a good time for me to post the first analysis of the managed code. There's some things to notice right away and I've highlighted them in the table below. This table was generated in the same way as...
  • Reckless

    Planning your Tech Ed Experience Right

    Tech Ed is around the corner. I wanted to provide you an update on the distributed systems portion of Connected Systems Infrastructure track. The track will be kicked off with a strategic briefing on Microsoft’s connected systems strategy by Charles...
  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium

    A test

    Lift up your keyboard, turn it over and shake. Yuck.
  • KKelly's Weblog

    Delivering Work Items

    Okay, I know it’s been awhile since I jumped in the fray here, but here you go ….:-) An update on what I’ve been doing… I’ve spent this year executing project management activities for the work item tracking features in Team Foundation Server. We’re...
  • .NET Security Blog

    Receiving Session Lock and Unlock Notifications

    Some programs, such as MSN Messenger, change their behavior when the current session is locked and unlocked. Messenger, for instance, will change your status to Away while your machine is locked, and then back to Online when your machine is unlocked....
  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium


    From the Slacker Astronomy extra podcast: How to Destroy the Earth Sample - 7. Pulverized by impact with blunt instrument You will need : a big heavy rock, something with a bit of a swing to it... perhaps Mars Method : Criminal...
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