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  • Antimail

    Quick Puzzle: what does this program print?

    You have 30 seconds left... just kidding :-) using System; using System.Collections; using System.Reflection; class Hello { Type Unknown { get { return World.GetType(); } } object [] Knowledge() { return Unknown.GetProperties(); } string [] Library()...
  • Peter Torr's Blog

    High-Level Threat Modelling Process

    The following is a (slightly modified) version of a document I wrote for the VSTO team way back in the day. You might find it useful as you plan threat modelling for your product(s). You should of course read the Threat Modelling book from Microsoft Press...
  • edjez's WebLog

    VB6 --> VB.NET Guidance

    This is not about EntLib and not about Smart Client specifically, but we expose some plans soon around working on VB6 --> .NET guidance focused on Enterprise customers' LOB apps. Part of the challenge with this guide will be finding and keeping to...
  • Rob's Speech Stuff

    about me

    Like the title says, my name's Robert Brown. I'm a Program Manager at Microsoft, working on speech technologies - in particular, the APIs. I expect this log to be about both program management and speech. We'll see if I predict correctly. What's speech...
  • [MSFT]

    Do you want to help test SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 4?

    My old colleagues in the SQL Server team are working hard on getting SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 4 out the door, but they need your help in making sure it is high quality. So if you want to help out by beta testing SP4 then follow these guidelines. SQL...
  • Aaron Stebner's WebLog

    Don't use vbscript/jscript to write your custom actions!

    Rob Mensching wrote a blog entry a while back that explains some reasons why you should not use script-based custom actions in your setup. I encourage you all to read it if you haven't yet, and I also strongly encourage you to heed his recommendations...
  • Junfeng Zhang's Musing

    Duplicate entries in config files

    If there are multiple (conflicting) policy statements for the same assembly in a config file, which policy will fusion take? In .Net v1.0/v1.1, we will take the first policy. The rest policies are practically no-op. In .Net 2.0, we will preserve the same...
  • Deven Kampenhout's Tech Blog

    Mysql Triggers Turn on the Heat

    Peter Gulutzan wrote an interesting article describing his Mysql Triggers Tryout with the latest Alpha build of MySQL 5. I've been a long-time fan of MySQL. I first started using it in 1998, and have watched with great interest as it has matured. It seems that it is working very hard to match the features of the "enterprise" level SQL databases such as Oracle and MS SQL. For quite some time, many enterprise database (MS SQL, Oracle, etc.) advocates have pointed out the lack of features such as t...
  • Brian Groth's Life at Microsoft

    Blog Article in The Longview Daily News

    I grew up in Longview, Washington and was recently interviewed for an article ( Local bloggers caught in the web ) by the local newspaper there about local people (ex-local in my case) who have their own blogs. I don't think my quotes are quite accurate...
  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    Linux Developers Beware!

    Looks like Simon has worked out the grand plan [ Currently Playing : Winding Road - Bonnie Somerville - Garden State (03:27) ]
  • Florin Lazar - Consistency Checkpoint

    Jim Johnson and "Adventures in Atomicity"

    Please welcome Jim Johnson to the blog world: Jim is the architect of our transactions team and I'm very excited to see him sharing more of his insights in a blog. Every time I talk with Jim, he opens more and...
  • ClassDesigner's WebLog

    Introducing the Visual Studio Class Designer Team Blog

    Welcome to the Visual Studio Class Designer team blog. You’ve probably seen a few individual blogs created by Class Designer team members ( Ramesh and Rakesh ). This blog is a forum for you to communicate with team members about Class Designer. ...
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