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  • So what is a developer experience anyway?

    Factory design pattern and usability

    Luke Church watched the API usability presentation and contacted me with a question about a point I made regarding the factory design pattern and usability. One thing that I probably didn’t make clear in the presentation is that the difficulties with...
  • scooblog by josh ledgard

    Tech-Ed Notes on Community Tech Previews

    Again, some raw quotes and what I think I heard at Tech-Ed. This time about the community tech previews. “ I love them” “I have no problems if they don’t run well, you disclaim them just fine” “I prefer the downloads because I can still get...
  • Korby Parnell's Social Software Wunderkammer

    Joel on Bookware

    Today, David Weinberger finally conceded that he fails to read my weblog with the attention and regularity that you do and he should. In a blog post obviously intended for me, and me alone, he writes, "I would like to. I really would. I like it and...
  • Thom Robbins .NET Weblog

    The Report Viewer Control

    The report viewer control is a new feature of Visual Studio 2005. The report viewer makes it easy to embed reports directly into your application. It’s important to understand that this control operates in two modes. Using the server side mode you can...
  • Tom Krueger

    NEW BLOG - Smart Client Data

    There's a new blog in town and it's name is Smart Client Data . I just met Steve Lasker last night at that .NET Developers Association user group in Redmond. Steve is a Program Manager on the Visual Studio Data Designtime team at Microsoft. We were chating...
  • AllenD's WebLog

    VSIP SDK For June VS CTP is released

    You want it, you got it! The VSIP SDK for the June CTP for VS2005 is now available for download at the VSIP download site . Remember that you must use the matching SDK for the given release of VS, so please don't try to use the CTP SDK on Beta2...
  • Santomania

    I Love MSN, I Hate MSN

    I LOVE MSN Virtually everything released by the MSN team in the last year or two rocks. Spaces. MSN Search. Even the toolbar with the long name. My personal favorite is . Every now and then I poll it to see what’s new, and I’m never disappointed...
  • Tom Krueger

    The Holy Grail List of Developer Tools and More

    There is a good chance that you have seen this list, but if you haven't it is a must. Scott Hanselman has produced an awesome list of tools with brief descriptions called " Scott Hanselman's 2005 Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List ". The list...
  • Inside Architecture

    Interesting problem in VS 2003 and how to fix it

    We found an odd bug caused by copying all files in a project to make another project in the same solution. This post discusses the problem, how we found it, and how we fixed it....
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Podcast : Interview with Paul Yao - Gumstix/CE/Robots

    Yesterday I met with Paul Yao to talk about porting Windows CE to the Gumstix board , this is a community project started by the Windows Embedded Developer Interest Group (or WE-DIG ) - we also talked about Windows/Embedded and a bunch of other interesting...
  • Tom Krueger

    Ugh, I forgot my password

    Hey all, I have been away from the blog world for quite a while now because I forgot my password. Duh! My last day at Microsoft was in April and in the transition to starting my consulting company Blue Pen Solutions I forgot to switch my blog over...
  • Live Search

    Local, Relevance, and Japan!

    We launched our MSN Search engine on February 1st and have remained hard at work to make it better every day. Yesterday, we released some improvements we hope you’ll like. Much of this work is targeted directly at feedback that our blog readers and other...
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