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  • Vipul Modi's Blog

    Get Indigo Today

    "Indigo" is a set of .NET technologies for building and running connected systems. For more information on Indigo visit the "Longhorn" development center at . We have just released...
  • oliverlu's WebLog


    看到一篇文章,讲了如何使用 SSO 。仔细看看,人家讲的并不是 SPS 上的 SSO ,而是更侧重如何使用自己的 ISAPI 来做认证。 Integrating 3rd Party Single Sign On in Sharepoint Portal Server 思路很好,也似乎是一个很不错的方法。但是,这样做是有很严重的后果的!会导致 SPS 中的功能出问题...
  • Vipul Modi's Blog

    Hi There

    Yes, I work in Interop team of Indigo making sure that Indigo works with Microsoft web services stack such as ASMX and WSE, as well as the web services stack from other vendors. You will find information related to Indigo interoperability, Indigo in general...
  • Hans VB's WebLog - For FREE!!!

    The C++ Product Team comes to Europe

    I'm excited to announce the C++ Product Team will be coming to EMEA from the 21 st of April until the 13 th of May. We undertand C++ is a topic that get's little attention at most MS events which is why I see this tour as major opportunity to strengthen...
  • Visual ActiveKent Sharkey .NET SE 3.11

    A modest proposal: Date/Time considered evil

    After documenting some of the problems I had with Date/Time when creating my RSS Aggregator , and reading a Google presentation at ETech, I came up with a noble idea. We all use the same date and time. Whereever we are in the world, whatever time of day...
  • oliverlu's WebLog


    看到 Method ~ of ~ failed 上帖子,觉得非常详细,转贴在这里: Everyone who can spell SharePoint l what is SharePoint? l what is the difference between SharePoint Portal Server and Windows SharePoint Services? l what is a document library? l what is a meeting workspace? l...
  • BCL Team Blog

    TechEd 2005: submit your votes for Birds Of A Feather (BOF) sessions! [Kit George]

    The CLR has submitted a few BOF sessions for consideration on the teched site. If you're going to be heading to teched this year, I'd suggestion going to , and voting fore the session you think sound the most...

    Microsoft DirectX Slides from the Game Developers Conference 2005

    Get them here: Game Developers Conference 2005 This download includes presentations given by the Windows gaming and graphics team at the Game Developers Conference 2005. Included is the Microsoft DirectX Developer Day content and the High-Level...
  • Office Development is more than VBA

    Code Access Security (CAS) programmatisch angewandt (Teil 2)

    Trusted Publisher einrichten Der Vorteil eines sog. Trusted Publishers liegt in der Tatsache, daß dieser nur einmal eingerichtet werden muß und beliebige Assemblies bzw. Lösungen diesen verwenden können, sofern sie denn mit der Signature des Publishers...
  • Marco Dorantes' WebLog

    Is source code really the actual design of a software product?

    Our beloved software design and programming activity is about 50 years old and that counts as a drop in the ocean of the history of a well-established and well-understood human endeavor (a very adored drop indeed). One useful thing to do, as always...
  • VolkerW's WebLog

    Find out how many people run 64-bit

    At Do you use a 64bit CPU in your main computer? Come in and vote, let's see what the OSNews readers are running. If yes, leave a comment if you are using a clean 64bit OS with it too. Read more on this exclusive...
  • David L's Blog

    The Think Tank!

    The life of a Developer Evangelist at Microsoft can be lonely sometimes, so the team in Melbourne have decided to do what we do best, buy some friends! The image above shows the advanced infrastructure that has been kindly supplied by my wonderful girlfriend...
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