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  • Calvin Hsia's WebLog

    Unbelievable performance gain by changing an Algorithm

    Visual Foxpro added Object Oriented Programming in version 3 which was released about 10 years ago. Back then users weren’t expected to use very many objects. Nowadays, with more memory, users create thousands of objects, and things were slowing down...
  • .NET Security Blog

    Handling Entry Assemblies that Won't Load: Method 1

    Last week, when I posted about failing to run in partial trust gracefully , the method I showed only worked if your main assembly could be loaded. However, if it has a minimum permission request that cannot be satisfied, your main method won't ever be...
  • Visual Studio

    .NET Rocks! - Billy Hollis Digs into Smart Client Architecture

    'Billy Hollis went beyond the general Smart Client discussion we usually have and dug into architecure issues. What works? What doesn't work? Listen to Billy's stories from the field and learn from his experience.' Play Download
  • Brian Keller

    A cell phone that grows into a flower - what will they think of next?

    This is nifty. Materials company Pvaxx Research & Development, at the request of U.S.-based mobile phone maker Motorola (MOT.N), has come up with a polymer that looks like...
  • All About Interop

    on Java-to-.NET interop via JMS and MQSeries

    JMS is a standard messaging API in Java. But in my tests, the use of the JMS API makes interop between Java and .NET much more difficult....
  • Powertoys WebLog

    Poor Man's Bracket Matching Macro

    David sent me mail about his " Poor Man's Bracket Matching Macro ". (Click link for Macro Code) From his site: "I usually assign it to CTRL + 9 key combination. Now, go to your source and put caret before or after any bracket. Press CTRL + 9. Matching...
  • Powertoys WebLog

    CodeShare Addin for your Enterprise

    Nauman sent me mail about his latest VS Addin that can be used to share code snippets across your internal enterprise. It looks pretty cool. - Josh Official Article: "With this new plugin and...
  • Live Search

    How do you spell Levenshtein?

    Doing a good job of helping Search users to correct misspelled queries is super important for two main reasons: a) 5 billion crawled docs and a bleeding edge ranking algorithm can’t do much if the query isn’t spelled right and b) more than 10% of all...
  • Matt Powell

    Taking the Dentist Thing One Step Further

    Chris' post on trauma at the dentist reminded me of my mother's recent experience - not with the dentist actually, but with the evil little tools of torture they use (this post is not for the squeamish). My mom is undergoing chemotherapy (nasty pills...
  • One Louder

    Conducting a job search over the holidays...good idea or waste of time?

    This question is unofficially raised this time of year. Despite the fact that you are going to wait until the last minute before implementing that new years' resolution, should you even bother starting your job search during the holidays. Actually, you...

    Security Chat this Thursday

    The next Mike Nash Security Chat is Thursday this week. Don't miss it. These have been really good. :) MSDN Chat: Ask Candid Questions About Security in Microsoft Products Join Mike Nash, Vice President for the Microsoft Security Business Unit...
  • Mike Wasson's Blog

    Loading X-Files from resources

    I found lots ot tutorials on the Web about loading X-Files from files, but nothing about loading them from application resources. First, add the x-file to your resources file. In the Resources window, select Add Resources. In the "Add Resource" dialog...
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