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  • MSDN Ireland News

    New Irish IT-dedicated Jobs Portal Up and Running

    IrishDev have recently launched their new jobs portal , which is the only jobs portal dedicated to publishing IT jobs in Ireland. It was built using .NET (a mixture of C# and VB.NET), with the backend built using .NET 2.0 and it's got...
  • scellini's WebLog

    PDC05 Vision (Three Different Ones)

    A couple of us ( Jeff Sandquist , Jeremy Mazner , Michael Lehman , and me) recorded a show for .NET Rocks on Friday, with PDC05 as the topic. It'll be available on Monday, 6/20. We had fun with this show. Someone (Carl?) asked us what the "vision"...
  • The Goldfish Bowl

    SPS Administrator's Guide blocked by HTML Help security update

    You may find that the downloaded compiled help file (.chm) version of the SharePoint Portal Server Administrator’s Guide (found here on will no longer open correctly after applying the latest batch of Windows XP security updates released...
  • Nigel Parker's Outside Line

    Visual Studio Team System Slide decks from Tech-ed Orlando

    The Visual Studio Team System Slide decks from Tech-ed Orlando are now available for download. Hopefully this will be just the "teaser" you need to get started on our Visual Studio Team System Competition we already have already received 5 entries...
  • Gaurav Seth's WebLog

    Some more JLCA FAQs

    Adding some more FAQs How does conversion of Java methods work in JLCA? Methods in Java classes are converted as appropriate to C#. JLCA allows the users to decide if they want properties or the getter-setter syntax. By default the getter-setter...
  • Tom Hollander's blog

    The Ecosystem Grows

    Another TechEd has come and gone - and as always it was tiring but lots of fun. For me this is one of the best opportunities to meet with lots of people and find out how everyone is using our stuff and what we can do to make it better. Thanks to everyone...
  • Mark Bower

    Adventure Girl is Blogging

    My team mate here in MCS, Jessica Gruber is finally blogging. Jessica is presenting at TechEd Europe this year. Too bad Jessica, you seem to have drawn the short straw...the 8:30 slot the morning after the attendee party :(...
  • Mark Bower

    My TechEd Europe Sessions

    I have the dates for my TechEd sessions now. WCD351 Programming Word XML Solutions Wed 6 Jul 12:00 Microsoft Office Word 2003 enables a powerful integration between Word documents and XML data streams. See how you can liberate the content of a document...
  • Marcus Perryman's WebLog

    Windows Mobile in Kiosk Mode

    This topic rates in my top 3 'soapbox' issues and it’s about time I vented some of my inner frustration... so let me just step up onto my soapbox and begin. Imagine a large enterprise wants to roll out a line of business application to its field or...
  • alfredof's WebLog

    20062005: Mas que listo para el NextFest

    Estoy mas que emocionado y listo para la asistencia a NextFest , donde la tecnología y la innovación se darán cita en un solo lugar, ya les estaré actualizando de lo que vea desde Chicago.
  • Direct Reports

    Mask (MSDN TV)

    For some reason, I like to pretend that some of you would like to see what I look like. Now is your chance as I have recorded 2 episodes of MSDN TV, Using the New Visual Studio 2005 Report Controls and Report Authoring Tips and Tricks . Enjoy!
  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium

    Flying Wheels Summer Century 2005

    Yesterday, I participated in my first Century of the year, a hilly 100-miler (hence the term "century") known as the Flying Wheels Summer Century (alternately known as the "Screamin Thighs Summer Century"). In last year's edition , I rode by myself...
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