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  • Windows Mobile Team Blog

    Visual Studio 2005 Device Command Shell

    Our friends in Visual Studio for Devices team has posted a cool plug-in that works with the Whidbey beta (you are using the beta, right?) The Device Command Shell (DCS) provides a command-line interface to several useful functions for developing Smart...
  • Live Search

    Desktop Search Beta Refresh

    We have posted a new version (02.00.0001.1203) of the Toolbar Suite for download. Some of the fixes and enhancements in the latest version include: Eliminated the virus pop ups and increased performance (more below) Ability to index Outlook items when...
  • Windows Mobile Team Blog

    Edit SQL CE Databases from the Desktop

    Pocket PC Developer Network has the scoop on a new tool that is going to make a lot of developers very happy: Primeworks has just released the latest preview version of SqlCeConsole, a desktop application to create and edit SQL Server CE 2.0 databases...
  • Windows Mobile Team Blog

    .NET CF, Bluetooth, and SMS

    Wei-Meng Lee ties all three together nicely in this article . -Robert
  • Windows Mobile Team Blog

    How to check if screen can be rotated

    This just came up in a discussion and I figured it’s worth passing on. With Pocket PC 2003 Second Edition, OEMs are able to build devices that are either square-only, portrait-only, or portrait/landscape-rotatable. To figure out if a device supports rotation...
  • MSDN Student Flash

    Virtual rock group + .NET = Fun

    The WeRock247 .NET SmartClient Training DVD contains material on developing Smart Client applications for .NET and is based on a virtual rock group. WeRock247.NET takes you through building an enterprise application using Windows Forms, Smart Documents...
  • scooblog by josh ledgard

    Learning Visual Studio Book Recommendations

    In the comments to my last post Steven asked "Is there a "Dao of VS.NET and its IDE " book you'd recommend to hobbyist-programmers who're coming to VS.NET from Emacs, notepad, etc.?" I've personally never read any of them, but I floated this request around...
  • Mai-lan's Visio Blog

    Free 30-Day Visio 2003 Trial

    There is a 30-day trial version of Visio 2003 , if you want to check it out. Almost everything I blog about is based on Visio 2003. If you have an earlier version or have never installed Visio, you can check out the trial version of the latest and greatest...
  • Man vs Code

    XSD gripe 3 - Substitution groups

    I may be missing something here, but I really don't understand what problem/ scenarios the substitution group feature is trying to solve. I am unclear why Substitution groups are even needed. If an element Foo is the same type or a derived type of an...
  • David Waddleton's Geek Speak

    Geek Speak: Can I secure Application Level Tracing?

    One of my co-workers( Glen Gordon) found a good article, @ Bottom line: secure the trace.axd file with an entry in web.config. J <location path="trace.axd"> <system.web> <authorization> <allow...
  • oliverlu's WebLog


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  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    Curt Rosengren: Passion as Fuel for Success

    A note to all the Microsofties out there … Passion Catalyst Curt Rosengren is speaking on campus tomorrow on the topic of “Passion as Fuel for Success” Still figuring out what to write in your mid-year review? Passion is fuel for success. When you're...
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