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  • 慢步在雲端... 邱英瑞(Jacky)

    Visual Studio 2010 & .NET Framework 4.0 概觀

    昨天花了一些時間看了一下 Visual Studio 2010 及 .NET Framework 4.0 的一些資訊,概略整理如下:   Part I. .NET Framework 4.0 及語言(C#、VB、C++)的增強: .NET Framework 4.0 及各語言都有其增強的部份,簡而言之,就是可以讓我們再寫更少的程式,即可達到相同的功能或更多的功能。 像是 Base Class Library、Windows Presentation Foundation、ADO.NET...
  • Adrian Ford on XPS et cetera

    Going to PDC or WinHEC?

    Going to WinHEC or PDC ? If so, the team would love to meet up, I'll be down in Los Angeles for PDC next week and others from the team will be there the week after for WinHEC. Drop me a note via the contact link and I'll fwd on to the team. The last PDC...
  • Jezz Santos

    Software Factories at TechEd 2006

    If you are attending TechEd next week in Barcelona and you are interested in talking Factories, come on over to the ' Architecture booth' in the 'Ask the Experts' area and see what's going on. We'll be there for you to ask questions and share experiences...
  • William J. Steele's WebLog

    Windows Communication Foundation Webcast On Monday, October 2nd

    So, you want to learn a little more about WCF? Then attend my upcoming webcast on Monday, the 2nd. In this webcast , I will extend on the knowledge we learned from our Live events and dig a little deaper into the Windows Communication Foundation. We...
  • Madness to my Methods

    To Scrum or not to Scrum

    Up until a couple of years ago, I had never heard the word scrum. Now it is everywhere, even on the news - instead of talking about a group or mob, they talk about a scrum. I find it pretty funny. Scrum for software projects has become quite popular as...
  • Johan Lindfors

    Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 närmar sig

    Just nu så finns det en betaversion av den första uppdateringen för Visual Studio 2005 tillgänglig för dig som är intresserad av att testa tidigt och ta möjligheten att ge konstkruktiv kritik och förslag på förbättringar. När Windows Vista lanseras så...
  • Akshay's Weblog

    We were unable to open ASP.NET Projects while using Forms Authentication

    Few days back, I saw a very interesting issue. Thought, I must share it… Background ========== 1) Customer wanted to use Forms based authentication in his web application 2) He add the following in his machine.config <add verb="*...
  • My little plot of digital pasture.

    Commercialising Innovation

    I had the opportunity to attend John Ohara's "Commercialising Innovation" workshop yesterday and what a very interesting workshop it was. The workshop provides advice to New Zealand based technology companies wanting to build their businesses and enter...
  • Microsoft BizTalk Server

    BizTalk面试题锦 - 14/23

    14/23: 在接收管道(Ricieve Pipeline)中有哪些不同的阶段? Decode (解码), Diassemble (拆装), Validate (验证), Party Resolution (组分解)
  • Steve Clayton

    Looks like someone actually watched that iPod parody video

    Subtly in design of the Zune accessories and also the box it seems. Though I tend to agree with Long's view that the box should have an image of a Zune on it. Whilst we're here, this article by Mike Elgan of ComputerWorld gave me cause for...
  • Sam Stokes on Research in your life and studies

    Radar Detected Asteroids in your soup!

    Do Near Earth Asteroids keep you up at night?  Here is some reading for you as you look darkly up into the night sky: Here are the pictures of close approach asteroids from 1994, nice, it was a close thing.   How do...
  • The Irrational Rational

    Browser, Browser!!!

    "Browser Browser Yes User? Crashing often? No User? Open your Page Crash Crash Crash" (along the lines of "Jhonny Jhonny, Yes Papa" Nursery Rhyme) The age of browser wars is back again. I was one of the people who witnessed the first...
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