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  • Brian Keller

    "False Positives" on Google

    Recently I was talking to my friend about Googling for people's names. She's dating a few people right now and trying to get the low-down on them before she gets any more involved. So I started wondering: What would people find if they were digging for...
  • Junfeng Zhang's Windows Programming Notes

    AMD64? X86-64? EM64T? X64? Anymore?

    Apparently, the naming for AMD's 64 bit extension of x86 is a mess. AMD calls it "AMD64 Architecture",,30_2252,00.html . There is a web site dedicated to open source effort on...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    ZDNet: Positive reaction to XP SP2

    ZDNet article on review of XP SP2: "Security company F-Secure has reverse-engineered SP2, a process the company compares to taking apart a virus or worm to see how it functions, and the company's initial reaction is very positive. "They have implemented...
  • Yves Dolce

    Online Chat: Visual C++ 2005 Beta (Aug 19)

    Here it is: Join the Visual C++ team to discuss your questions and comments on the Beta release of Visual C++ 2005. Whether you are a first-time user of the Visual C++ Express Edition Beta ( ) or an experienced...
  • Visual Studio

    Internet Explorer - Page Not Found! ARRRGH!

    short version: If you cannot browse the Internet but can use applications like Instant Messenger etc... then check that you don't have a whole bunch of spyware on your machine. Search the Internet Explorer newsgroups for "page not found" or spyware before...
  • .NET4Office

    Changes to a range

    [Editor's note] I've been on leave from Microsoft but I'm back now so postings should be more frequent again. In VSTO 2.0 you can create a named range on a worksheet and write code behind that named range. Say you have a sheet called Sheet1 that has a...
  • robgruen's WebLog

    Combining Run-Time Callable Wrappers for ActiveX Controls Into a Single Assembly

    When you use an ActiveX control in a .NET applicaton you need to generate run-time callable wrappers (RCW) for the ActiveX object. You can do this manually by using tlbimp.exe and aximp.exe. VS.NET will do this automatically for you if you add a COM object...
  • Peter Hallam's WebLog

    The Yardstick

    Back, Back, way Back ... 2 years ago when we started thinking about what Whidbey should be, I spent some time thinking about what makes a good feature for C# and Visual Studio, and what our focus should be for the product. I captured my thoughts in 2...
  • Lisa Wollin

    Using Stored Procedures to Access Data in FrontPage

    John Jansen, one of the FrontPage testers, submitted this tip about how to access SQL Server SPROCs (Stored Procedures) in FrontPage. He has seen questions in the newsgroups about how to do this, such as, "How do I insert parameter values for my SPROCs...
  • mszCool's thoughts and cents revealed

    Powered by Windows Server 2003...

    Well this week I returned from my vacation - completely relaxed and ready for new things. During my vacation (last week) I had time to browse a little bit through the web and found this: linuxworld_expo_site_powered_by_windows_server_2003.html Just klick...
  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    One big event down, so many more ahead..

    TechEd 2004 is over, but we don't have much time to rest. Later this month, I will be heading up to the Sunshine Coast ( Coolum in particular) for the ANZ Partner Conference 2004 . Last year this event was on the Gold Coast I am delivering a session...
  • Noah Horton's WebBlog


    Well, the blogsphere is pretty full of comments about XPSP2 at the moment. I would like to blog on it because I am very personally excited as all of the contents of the Advanced Networking Pack are in it, meaning that Grouping, Graphing and PNRP are all...
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