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  • Nam, Seungho's Blog

    Windows Workflow Foundation Resources

    Get the Bits: .NET Framework 3.0 Install Bits (including the latest WF Bits) WF Hands On Labs
  • Refines.Info["Polo Lee"]

    Rob Caron : Team System for C++ Developers

    這算是一篇老 Post 了,只是 如果你需要這樣的資訊,Rob Caron 已經幫你做了一些整理 Link to Rob Caron : Team System for C++ Developers
  • Public Sector Developer Weblog

    Windows Communication Foundation Screencasts

    Mike Taulty just blog'd a nice summary of a bunch of WCF Screencasts he did here . Robert mentioned Mike's Workflow screencasts here . I haven't looked at his WCF screencasts, but the WF were excellent. -Marc tags: Microsoft , .NET , WinFX , .NET Framework...
  • Asmita's blog

    using GetSchema() for columns collection in schema

    GetSchema(<schema name>), using the schema mapping name of the table. e.g. try { //Create connection HostFileConnection cn = new HostFileConnection(); cn.ConnectionString = cnstring; cn.Open(); DataTable dtcn2 = cn.GetSchema...
  • Steve Clayton

    My latest HP ad

    Okay I admit it, I'm addicted to making adverts with this cool HP site . I found some additional features that let you personalize the ad even more so couldn't resist :) They still don't have my hairstyle on there so I had to go with a cowboy hat this...
  • Geeky Storytelling

    Vista RC1

    Well I'm up and running on Vista RC1 (build 5600)...and I have to say it is a marked improvement over previous Beta builds. I felt like the install took longer but the performance, especially boot up/login is much faster. Overall the OS runs faster than...
  • Euan Garden's BLOG

    Cool new BLOG from SQL Server Customer Support Team

    The folks from CSS have a huge amount of knowledge and while there have been a couple of bloggers I had always hoped for more. Well my hopes have been answered, the new sqlblog has a ton of great content already I suggest keeping an eye on it! Maybe we...
  • MSDN Österreich Blog

    Advanced Code Access Security mit Christoph Wille bei .Net User Group Styria

    Das nächste Treffen der .NET User Group Styria findet am 27.09.2006 um 17:30 im Campus02 (Hörsaal C 202) der WIFI Stmk. statt. Dieses Mal findet ein Vortrag von Christoph Wille zum Thema Advanced Code Access Security statt. Aus dem Inhalt: ...
  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    soapbox on msn video

    The top story on TechMeme this evening is about soapbox , an new video service launched by MSN Official Press Release Kurt Shintaku has more on his blog CNET News postulates Microsoft is taking on YouTube Cool. Let's upload videos [ Current Listening...
  • Joe Stagner - Frustrated by Design !

    New VIRTUAL Dedicated Hosting from my Friends at MaximumASP

    I’ve been playing around with one of these new Virtuozzo – Virtual privae hosting accounts from MazimumASP. It’s a cool idea – it costs less than a dedicated server but gives you Remote Desktop COnnection access to your virtual...
  • Refines.Info["Polo Lee"]

    最新的 Version Control 使用統計 in AU

    覺得相當 清晰, 明確的 指出 TFS 自推出以來 破壞式的成長 但 更有意思的, 即使是 Open Source 也在做大洗牌了.. 以前 我最愛的 SVN 果然也主導了 Open 市場.. 有人好奇 CC / PVCS 的用量嗎 ? 價錢應該是 很重要的 無法普及因素,其次就是 較高的學習障礙... Link to Blogs - Version Control Systems... again.
  • Microsoft Certified Architect

    MCA and Intercultural issues

    As the MCA programme grows there will be many unforeseen aspects and hurdles on its path of expansion. One of them is the approach to different languages and different cultures as the programme expands beyond American-centred boundaries . Let’s tackle...
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