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  • Adam Nathan's Old Blog

    TechEd: Win a Portable Media Center!

    There seem to be a lot of these being given away this year! As one example, be sure to visit the Microsoft Webcasts group in the Product Pavilion for your chance to win one. On the flight to Orlando, I got to use one for the first time: The Creative...
  • Arpan Shah's Blog

    TechEd EMEA

    One more quick post before I head to the Conference Center. I'm going to be presenting at TechEd Europe. I will only be presenting 1 session... so will have to magically present hours of content in 1 hour - if you want to hear about a specific area -...
  • Betsy Aoki's WebLog

    Man with blue beard and parrot hat

    So I'm watching the guys closing down our time at the booth...I fly out tomorrow and so this is my last note from TechEd Orlando. Tonight is the final party for me (not for others) and so I have this feeling of nostalgia and burning desire that my shirt...
  • Richard Seroter - SoCal BizTalk Musings

    Getting rolling ...

    Greetings. I expect to use this space to discuss best practices, tips, code, product roadmaps and more around BizTalk Server , HIS , and Commerce Server. I've been working with BizTalk Server since the beta of BizTalk Server 2000 nearly five years...
  • MSDN Student Flash

    2005-2006 Microsoft Student Ambassadors for the US of A!

    We're announcing the first group of Microsoft Student Ambassadors for US universities next school year. A full list is below - each individual who was nominated will get an email directly by the end of today with more details. For those not selected...
  • scarroll's Blog

    Doing My Part to Destroy MSFT Productivity

    I had to help a high school kid solve this problem yesterday. It’s pretty interesting I think. I sent it around the team and people seemed to enjoy it so here you go. (In the old days, I would have saved this puzzle for an interview question, but pure...
  • This is my old blog

    What to do if you experience bad performace with Team System

    Obviously I'm going to show you only one of the things that can hurt your performance. I've been doing Team System installs in a 2 server sceanrio. I've seen quiet bad performance results: 15 min. to create a new Team Project. I've pounded my head over...
  • Arpan Shah's Blog

    SP2, CMS Future and Workflow partner

    Quick blog entry: At TechEd 2005, I presented 3 sessions. 2 breakout sessions and 1 cabana talk. It was great to see the excitement around CMS and SharePoint Products and Technologies. In one of my sessions I talked about CMS SP2 and talked about the...
  • Scott Woodgate's OutBursts

    Whitepaper: Understanding Microsoft's Integration Technologies

    This whitepaper is a collaborative effort between members of the MSMQ, "Indigo", SQL SSIS, SQL SSB, SQL Replication, Host Integration Server and BizTalk Server teams. The whitepaper describes the core use-cases for these technologies and when to use which...
  • Ivan Joseph's WebLog

    Student Flash blog mentions our contest

    Kevin Briody who works as Marketing Manager looking after academic programs has blogged about our contest on our Student Flash blog FYI. Ivan
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    TiVo and Microsoft working together - get your TiVo shows on PMC, Pocket PC and Smartphone...

    Interesting news here . TiVo ( TIVO ), Microsoft ( MSFT ) and Intel ( INTC ) announced a nationwide upgrade to the TiVoToGo service, enabling people for the first time to move TiVo content stored on a Microsoft Windows XP-based PC onto Windows Mobile...
  • aaron's weblog

    Live from Tech Ed Orlando

    Apologies for how long it's been since I last posted here. We've been working hard on Visual Studio 2005 trying to get it finished and out the door. I've also been getting my team (VSCore) ready for Tech Ed 2005 in Orlando, which is where I am at right...
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