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  • MSDN Online Media Blog

    Technorati Profile for Georgeo Pulikkathara

    It sure looks like I need to update my Technorati Profile. Technorati Profile
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    New Office File Formats Announced.

    Check this out on MSDN Channel 9 – Office will support XML as it’s default file format, what does this mean ? – it means the file format for Office will be open for anyone to create or manipulate office documents – think about non-Microsoft platforms...
  • Min Kwan Park's bLog

    We are building city than just a building...

    Few weeks ago, I got some time to think about how we should approach to our S/W design/test engineering. IMHO, in many cases, we end up like building construction. I think that it is making sense to see an application as a building which has many internal...
  • Euan Garden's BLOG

    XML Showplan and SQLCLR

    We are producing sooo much material on SQL Server 2005 these days its hard to keep up. I was trying to solve a perf problem using DMVs and XML Showplan when I came across this
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    John Udell: The ultra-thin InfoCard

    John Udell's take on InfoCard (see Microsoft press release on Infocard ) "Over the weekend I needed to log in to eBay from somebody else's machine. The browser was Firefox, but it would have been impolite to install Greasemonkey and Password Composer...
  • notes and rants

    Be careful what you wish for

    Long time readers (ha ha ha) will know that one of the main reasons I'm blogging is to work on my writing skills. Long time readers may also wonder why my writing hasn't improved :) . I haven't bothered analyzing my writing style over the last 6 months...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    An Excess of RSS

    Mike Walsh : "Here is an irony for you. There is a growing number of people who consume their news and information exclusively through aggregated headline readers, made possible by the magic of RSS feeds. If you are reading this in your mail client...
  • Glen's old blog

    Tech-Ed Orlando just opened some slots

    If you weren't able to get into Tech-Ed and wanted to, some overflow slots opened up. You'll have full access to the whole conference but will have to sit in overflow seating (read: a different room watching on video) for the keynote address. Still, not...
  • Ryan Donovan's Commerce Server WebLog

    See You All at TechEd Orlando w/ CS2006 Plus Some Other Random Updates

    Well, May has been a busy and hectic month. Although I'm glad it is over - I can look back proudly at a lot of accomplishments and a considerable amount of good stuff in the pipeline for CS customers. The CS2006 Technical Preview is out the door. All...
  • Visual Studio Data

    MSDN chats

    An MSDN chat is the cool way to talk directly to us Microsoft people :) . You can ask questions regarding the use of existing products and even suggest ways we can improve our product. For a complete listing of upcoming chats, you can see the latest schedule...
  • John's Blog

    Processing Key presses in an HTMLControl

    Ever had one of those coding experiences when nothing seems to be working? And then suddenly it all fits into place, and suddenly you're doing the Programmers Victory Dance? I've just had one of those, and it was such a fiddly little thing that I wanted...
  • Michael Stuart's Weblog

    SQL Injection--Everyone Knows It, No-one FIXES IT!

    Does the following input into a web application text box strike appropriate fear into your heart? Nay, I should say, dost though poop thine pants gazing there-upon? ' or 1=1; '; use master; xp_cmdshell 'net user SomeUser SomeUsersPassword /add...
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