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  • Calvin Hsia's WebLog

    Make an interactive screen saver

    Most screen savers will terminate when there is any mouse or keyboard activity, but a screen saver is just a program: it can do whatever it wants in response to input. Below is 40 lines of sample code to make a Visual FoxPro screen saver which consists...
  • Maarten Mullender's WebLog

    CRUD, finally

    It took a while, but my “ CRUD, Only When You Can Afford It ” article has finally been published. I’ve been working with Jon Tobey on my articles to make them more readable and more consistent. I can tell you, when he returned my first draft (the blog...
  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium

    Aerodynamic Flutter

    A discussion on flutter in rocket fins let to this archive of Flutter tests from the Smithsonian. Don't watch this if you're going to be flying soon...
  • Calvin Hsia's WebLog

    Start your Screen Saver NOW!

    Now that Las Vegas Devcon is over, I’ll be posting some of my sample code from the keynote and my session here. I demonstrated how to make a simple VFP screen saver. To test it, invoking it immediately is useful. Windows XP allows you to have a screen...
  • Just Coding

    Versioning Nightly Builds with NAnt and CC.Net

    I've been trying to set up a continuous integration environment using NAnt, and CC.Net, but I did'nt know the best option to synchonize the AssemblyVersion.cs, the CC Label, and the versions tasks of NAnt. This article
  • One Louder

    Why Managers Don't Respect Recruiting and What I Think Recruiters Can do About It

    In today's ERE, Dr. John Sullivan talks about why managers don't respect recruiting and what recruiting departments can do about it (he basically recommends thinking about recruiting in the same way managers think about their businesses). But what if...
  • Jesper snackar dynga då och då. Här är beviset.

    Vad heter "discovery" på svenska?

    "Discovery" är ytterligare ett ord som bara inte kan översättas. Under Windows XP SP2, när stödet för Bluetooth utökades, drabbades jag av den här termen igen. Termen finns i flera sammanhang i Windows alla redan, t.ex. när det har att göra med att identifiera...
  • Scott Woodgate's OutBursts

    The Bloggers Guide to BizTalk Server

    Alan Smith took the initiative to collect a bunch of blog postings on BizTalk Server into a single consolidated help file for easy reference. I love this idea - got grab it here . Thanks Alan!
  • Jon Gallant's Blog

    Name That Control

    This post has moved to:
  • jeff's WebLog

    computing too long

    I think it is safe to say I have been around computers too long when I recognize the sound the harddrive makes during Windows setup as the "bad-sector" noise. In other news, I think I need a new laptop.
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Got the Jitters this morning...

    After reading Charlie Kindel's Blog on home servers I decided to read further down the blog to see if there were any other interesting posts - I noticed that Charlie frequents " Jitters " coffee houses rather than Starbucks (I couldn't find a web page...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Halo2 - Release Date Nov 9th - How close is the game ?

    Halo 2 is perhaps one of the most anticipated game releases this century (ok, so we're only 4 years into the century, but you know what I mean!) - November 9th is the scheduled release date, but how ready is the game ? - take a look at this interview...
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