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  • Darren Jefford

    What is MSMQT?

    So, What is MSMQT? I (stupidly as it turns out) just thought it was a new revision of MSMQ shipped with BTS04 that replaced or extended the built-in MSMQ functionality. Oh did I get that wrong!! J MSMQT ships with BizTalk 2004 primarily to get around...
  • Wayne's Microsoft Blog


    An ellipsis can be useful to have in a diagram: [diagram picture] I've been asked on several occasions how to make one of these puppies, so I thought I'd publish the steps I saw one of my coworkers use: Launch Word, Excel, or PowerPoint...
  • Vikasmsft's WebLog

    Some tips regarding making your application Accessible

    An application write should aim for making sure that all their users have good experience usign their application. Often times while designing the UI of an application developers dont think that some of the users may be visually impaired. Following are...
  • Krzysztof Cwalina

    Why Design Guidelines?

    Many assume that the Design Guidelines document is intended to be a repository of the best solutions to common API design problems. Let me get it straight right away. This is not the intention at all. The main purpose of the Design Guidelines is to achieve...
  • The Wayward WebLog

    Where's the Beef?

    I was dreaming about computer games again. I was not asleep at the time, but that’s no matter because my thoughts were about as far from reality that computer game makers will ever dare to tread. I’ve asked around to some of my mmorpg playing...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    The case of the missing Blog comment...

    So I get e-mail notification of any comments posted to the Blog - someone posted a question about programatically rebooting a Pocket PC device from a .NET Compact Framework application - there isn't an exposed class/function to do this directly, but you...
  • Visual Studio Data

    Having problems with your VS 2005 Community Tech Preview? (by yag)

    Rick Strahl had some problems with his Tech Preview - it killed ASP.NET and the IIS Management Console. Now, this hasn't happened to everyone (in the blogs I've been checking, most people have been fine), but if it happens to you, we've worked out the...
  • Yves Dolce

    Visual C++ .NET Support Center

    Looks like it would need a serious refresh...;EN-US;vcnet
  • Visual Studio Data

    Too much time on his hands... (by yag)

    I just came across this - and had to post it. Some things just tickle that geek funny bone - y'know? Anyway, it's a SQL Script for an analog clock . <g> Here are the results on my machine: AnalogClock -------------------------------------...
  • Software Test Engineering @ Microsoft

    Life Outside of Work

    While Greg is off at RIT doing one of my favorite work activities (recruiting) I thought I'd veer off topic for a bit and talk about extra-curricular activities. There's a stereotype out there that Microsoft people let themselves get consumed by work...
  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    Blogging is hard

    (Warning: This entry has nothing to do with Recruiting.) :) Some days I love being a blogger. Some days I hate it. When I started this blog, I thought the hardest part would be maintaining a regular posting schedule...
  • Dan Crevier's Blog

    Smart pointer wrapper for IDisposable in Managed C++

    A common idiom I have come to appreciate in C++ is “ resource acquisition is initialization ”. The idea is that you acquire a resource in a constructor, and dispose of it in the destructor. Using a stack based class, you can make sure your...
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