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  • Devhammer on MSDN

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  • Brad Abrams

    Even more fun with virtual methods

    OK, after the last post I expect many people will nail this, so why don’t you show it your friends that don’t read my blog and see if they pass ;-) Create a new instance of Derived, drop the reference, wait for the GC to collect it, and for any finalizers...
  • edjez's WebLog

    Return of the...blooser

    So here we are, in this new blog environment. I'll post mostly about patterns & practices - this will hopefully turn out to be a needed channel for 'out of band' information about what's going on in our cozy team, what we are working on, how we are...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    ASP.NET site of the week

    Inspired by Frank's ASP.NET Site of the day , I want to know which are the GREAT sites running ASP.NET out there today...They don't have be the big commercial sites, but I am looking for the cool, innovative, funky or smart...something that stands out...
  • Larry Osterman's WebLog

    Where do I get netfw.h?

    Bruce Wells asked (in the comments of my “ opening firewalls ” ‘post) where you should go to get netfw.h. Well, after a bit of searching, I found it, it was surprisingly difficult (don’t ask). It turns out that netfw.h isn’t...
  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    Attack of the spam! Ahhhh!

    <sigh> You may have noticed or heard about some “upgrades” to MSDN blogs . Two notable changes are 1) the “moderation” of comments and 2) the disabling of comments on posts older than 30 days. I’m not happy, but I’ll live. Comment moderation Along...
  • Brian Keller

    "False Positives" on Google

    Recently I was talking to my friend about Googling for people's names. She's dating a few people right now and trying to get the low-down on them before she gets any more involved. So I started wondering: What would people find if they were digging for...
  • Junfeng Zhang's Windows Programming Notes

    AMD64? X86-64? EM64T? X64? Anymore?

    Apparently, the naming for AMD's 64 bit extension of x86 is a mess. AMD calls it "AMD64 Architecture",,30_2252,00.html . There is a web site dedicated to open source effort on...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    ZDNet: Positive reaction to XP SP2

    ZDNet article on review of XP SP2: "Security company F-Secure has reverse-engineered SP2, a process the company compares to taking apart a virus or worm to see how it functions, and the company's initial reaction is very positive. "They have implemented...
  • Yves Dolce

    Online Chat: Visual C++ 2005 Beta (Aug 19)

    Here it is: Join the Visual C++ team to discuss your questions and comments on the Beta release of Visual C++ 2005. Whether you are a first-time user of the Visual C++ Express Edition Beta ( ) or an experienced...
  • Visual Studio

    Internet Explorer - Page Not Found! ARRRGH!

    short version: If you cannot browse the Internet but can use applications like Instant Messenger etc... then check that you don't have a whole bunch of spyware on your machine. Search the Internet Explorer newsgroups for "page not found" or spyware before...
  • .NET4Office

    Changes to a range

    [Editor's note] I've been on leave from Microsoft but I'm back now so postings should be more frequent again. In VSTO 2.0 you can create a named range on a worksheet and write code behind that named range. Say you have a sheet called Sheet1 that has a...
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