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  • Michael Howard's Web Log

    IIS6 vs Apache2 Security Defects

    A few days ago I decided to look into how IIS6 has faired security-wise since its release well over a year ago. But I didn't want to use Microsoft figures; I wanted to use other figures. This led me to as they have a very nice Web site tracking...
  • Mark D'Urso's Blog

    Mount St Helens

    I've been fascinated by Mt St Helens recently. I was in the third grade when it erupted in 1980 and remember it vividly as we were studying plate tectonics and volcanism at the time. This time, though not as explosive, it's more interesting (I think)...

    Welcome Visual C++ MVPs!

    Well, it's not like they weren't always here, but now we've got a place of honor for them on the Visual C++ Developer Center Home Page . Be sure to check out the full list of Visual C++ MVPs here . John Boylan has taken over as site manger for this developer...
  • JTChris's WebLog

    Windows Forms Layout in Dr. Dobb's Journal

    While thumbing through the new issue of Dr. Dobb's Journal at breakfast today, lo' and behold but what should I see? A Windows Forms layout article - specifically one on creating your own layout manager! The author - Richard Grimes - takes you through...
  • Dan Fernandez's Blog

    Edit and Continue in Visual C# 2005!!

    Soma and Jay have blogged about this already, but Edit and Continue support will be added to Visual C# 2005!! I really want to echo Jay's comments about the amount of herculean effort it took to get this into the product. Everyone really worked their...
  • John's Blog

    C# Express: Edit and Continue

    You asked, and the tireless programmers in the C# division listened. Edit and Continue was something that many C# users wanted, and wanted badly. The good news is that it's here, and you'll be able to try it very soon. Next week even. For the uninitiated...
  • Larry Osterman's WebLog

    Cool Speaker: Ben Mikaelsen

    Last night, I was privileged to be able to go to my son's school and listen to Ben Mikaelsen speak. Ben's an author of children's books (really YA, but they're incredibly sophisticated for YA books), and he lives in Montana with his companion Buffy -...
  • Michael Creasy's blog

    Cool new Media Center hardware

    HP have announced a new Media Center PC that would look right at home next to other home entertainment devices. The z500 series (link goes to PDF data sheet) supports dual tuners and most interestingly to me is compatible with the iPod (they say the Apple...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Lookout, Google launches desktop search

    It had to happen, just a matter of when... The Register: Google launches desktop search for Windows PCs Boston Globe: Google search program gets jump on Microsoft There is an online help file...install is problematic: for me at least: 'not compatible...
  • Cyrus' Blather

    What you wanted in the next version of C#

    Quite a while back I sent out an informal survey to the C# blog readers out there asking what they'd like to see in the next version of C#. The #1 request was to add Edit&Continue support for VS2005. Well, I'm incredibly happy to say that that Soma...
  • .NET4Office

    This post brought to you by the letter E

    On the very off topic subject of wacky things that happen to developers office's, somehow one of the developers on my team (Mohit Gupta) has acquired a shower curtain complete with pressure rod which he has mounted on his office door. To get in to his...
  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium

    Edit and Continue in Whidbey...

    Soma has just announced that C# will support Edit and Continue in Whidbey . Waaay back when we first planned Whidbey, one of the questions we asked was "is refactoring or edit and continue more important"? We knew that our users wanted both, but we didn...
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