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  • The .NET Sweatshop (v2)

    Block Testing

    One of the most common questions people ask me about the application blocks is whether they should be used in production. Are they really “enterprise-worthy”? The answer is YES!!! That's when I start bragging about this great lab we have in...
  • Hirlpoo West

    Almost there...

    I think I finally have my development VPC back up to snuff. Installing SW can be so tedious (not in the “painstaking” way, but in the “is this going to finish any time this week” sort of way). Having a USB2.0 drive that has a finicky...
  • jaybaz [MS] WebLog

    Unexpected Error

    How many times have you seen this error? Or "The operation could not be completed." Or "Catastrophic Error" "Unexpected Error" is the message for E_FAIL. It comes out of code like this: HRESULT F() { // oops, I messed up my resources...
  • Visual Studio Profiler Team Blog

    Walkthroughs posted

    Rob Caron has posted a walkthrough for the profiler at the gotdotnet workspace . It is entitled “Profiling Managed Applications.” Any feedback in the comments is greatly appreciated as always.
  • Code/Tea/Etc...

    Very Very Cool... 3D Pie Chart in C#

    In yet another great article from CodeProject, Julijan Sribar describes the details of drawing out a 3D Pie Chart , and not only does it work, but his explanation is exteremely clear, detailed and includes lots of diagrams that really add to the explanation...
  • Me, Myself and My Blog.

    Newsgroups for VS 2005 for Smart Devices (Native)

    We now have a dedicated newsgroup for dicussions around Native Device development in VS 2005. The newsgroup is microsoft.private.whidbey.smartdevices.cplusplus Instructions on how to get to this newsgroup are available on the Visual Studio 2005...
  • James Newkirk's Blog

    Microsoft patterns & practices Block Testing

    “Microsoft patterns and practices test team is currently working on developing guidance focusing on testing .NET application blocks. The guide's TOC and two draft chapters have been made available so its possible for others to provide feedback....
  • My Name is Thayer. I am 3 Years Old

    Why the Don't-Walk Signal is a Red Hand

    There was a man who was standing in the road and trying to cross. He held his hand up and said, “Stop! Stop!” but the cars wouldn’t stop, and one of them went by and blew off his hand and it blew away and landed on the top of a...
  • Keith Rowe's WebLog


    On the long list of exciting new features in Visual Studio Team System is our very rich reporting system. We are building a single data warehouse with SQL Server that is hosted on the Team Foundation Server. All the tools are aware of this warehouse...
  • FrankPr's World of Devices

    Personal blog created

    Decided to move my personal opinions on science, philosophy, etc. to a separate blog which I created at (OK, who cares? Anyway... ;-) This blog will henceforth be reserved for MS/.NET/programming/computer related stuff.
  • jaybaz [MS] WebLog


    After a few years of working at Microsoft, I finally decided to spend some real money. I bought a 2000 Triumph Sprint ST , with heated grips and hard bags. A beautiful bike, great handling, plenty of storage. I sent the zip-in liner of my jacket to Gerbing...
  • FrankPr's World of Devices

    Think in Ink

    Wrote an article on the Tablet PC Platform SDK (in German) which made it into the June edition of German developer journal dotnetpro . This is introductory stuff; I'm trying to raise the awareness that you can do cool stuff in your apps with digital ink...
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