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  • !Dan Vallejo's WebLog!

    TechEd 2004 - San Diego

    Balmer gave the keynote address to a packed crowd. He brought up the mission of doing more with less. Our industry along with education and healthcare have the chance to change people's lives. Everyone in our field has that opportunity. There are so many...
  • Tim Sneath

    CTS200: Service Orientation and the Developer

    Don Box and Doug Purdy kicked off the Connected Systems track with a typically off-the wall, outspoken thesis of development. Although this session was nominally described as a technology overview, it would better have been described as a philosophy,...
  • Randy Holloway at Microsoft

    Interacting with speakers at TechEd

    Chris Kinsman , who was my track chair at VSLive! a couple of years ago, describes the speaker room situation at TechEd this year. Having given a few talks at these types of conferences before, I can relate to the situation. As a speaker, you want to...
  • Carter Maslan

    Jonathan's Squarified Treemaps with XAML and C#

    I'm digging out from a 10-day-vacation-without-connectivity inbox, and just saw great work by Jonathan Hodgson that Chris Sells mentioned last week . Data visualization is going to be huge!
  • shawn's blog

    MSDN looking for a few good devs

    …okay, we’re looking for one REALLY good developer… Here’s the job description… Email if you’re interested… The MSDN development team is looking for help building scalable and performant features for our site...
  • Saurabh's Blog

    RadioButton doesn't resize when you increase the Font size

    Sara forwarded me a customer question asking why radio button doesn’t resize when one changes the font on a Winform’s RadioButton control. Well, the simple answer is that is how underlying Windows control behaves and Winform’s control...
  • Brian A White's Blog

    Work Item Tracking @ TechEd 2004

    What an exciting day! Head to Visual Studio Team System for more information on the announcement at TechEd today. Microsoft will be releasing an extensible set of software development life-cycle tools that help software teams collaborate to reduce the...
  • Rob Caron

    Another CTP tip

    Read this post on the Enterprise Performance Tools Team blog to see how to run the profiling tools of Visual Studio Team System from the command prompt.
  • Rob Caron

    A little glitch with the CTP

    Dominic Hopton provides a workaround for a glitch in the code coverage bits that shipped on the Visual Studio 2005 Team System Community Technology Preview DVDs. He also has some post on bogus setup failure notifications and troubles with run configs...
  • JoeN's Blog

    TechEd 2004 - Tempting the demo gods!

    TechEd has started! This means that I’ll be nervous until my presentation on Thursday! I’m not nervous about showing off individual features because they are great and I’ve been working on them or with them for a while now, I’m...
  • Dominic Hopton's Blog

    Tips & Tricks: Set the output type to EXE and give it a main method

    Ok, you’ve written your tests, and you want to debug them or you’ve got a test failing and you can’t quite see why. What are you gonna do? Well, right now we don’t have built in support for debugging of tests, but there is a sneaky...
  • Dominic Hopton's Blog

    No! My Run config got toasted!

    Another problem with the run configuration is that the template runconfig (The one that gets added to new solutions) can easily become overwritten with your user one, thus potentially screwing up test execution for all projects AND new projects. This...
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