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  • Code/Tea/Etc...

    "Blogs from the C# Team" page now up... enjoy!

    This page lists all of the C# team blogs (that I am aware of) and provides you with a list of featured posts that I've pulled out of the various individual blogs ... check it out at and let me know what you...
  • Lori Pearce's WebLog

    Follow up on Building LHSDK

    The times I mentioned in my last blog are only for building the documentation and not the installable SDK. Hardware used for the Doc Builds We have a couple of machines with the following specs: DELL Precision Workstation 450 OS: Windows...
  • PatHelland's WebLog

    Way cool! Four new PEZs!

    Some of you may know that I have hundreds of PEZ dispensers in my office and a neon sign that says the PEZ man... My office isn't boring! Anyway, last night my wife, Michelle, and I were at QFC (a local supermarket) and I found the new Easter PEZ dispensers...
  • Bill Wert's weblog

    Timing your code

    Timing your code One of the fundamental aspects of performance testing is identifying how long it will take you to execute the code you’re writing. There are a few ways you can measure this: measuring time elapsed while your code executes, computing...
  • PatHelland's WebLog

    It's All in a Name: What's a Service?

    I am concerned about how to interpret a “service” and a “system” as differentiated from an application or a hardware node (or Windows “box”). There seems to be no small amount of confusion about the crisp definition...
  • PatHelland's WebLog

    My first blog!

    Howdy! My name is Pat Helland and I’ve been around Microsoft for almost 10 years as an architect. I’ve been working on transaction and application execution stuff for 25 years or so and I guess that makes me an old man… at Microsoft...
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for the Microsoft Office System

    What is the Actions Pane?

    Ever since the task pane was introduced in Microsoft Office XP for the first time, Office solution developers have asked, "How can I create my own version of a task pane to use as part of my Office solutions?" (If you're not sure what the task pane is...
  • adamga's WebLog

    Metro Toronto .NET User Group!!!

    Very cool. Finally, a downtown group with a downtown location... The main site access is: Metro Toronto .net User Group meets the one day a month usually on the first Tuesday or Wednesday of the month. Please register for...
  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    Log your life via your phone

    Interesting and frustrating at the same time. I want to see MS come to market with this stuff!! BBC NEWS | Technology | Log your life via your phone Nokia is developing software that will help turn its phones into life loggers. The Lifeblog software...
  • Korby Parnell's Social Software Wunderkammer

    What is an RSS Feed?

    If you glanced at my previous two posts and mused, 'What the heck is an RSS feed and what does this geek eat for breakfast anyway?', you're not alone. Well, I had Grapenuts and Microsoft milk for breakfast and I'll defer to Chris Sells for an explanation...
  • Another Microsoft Blogger

    the "Father" of Information Engineering

    Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of meeting a living legend - Clive Finkelstein . Clive Finkelstein is acknowledged worldwide as the "Father" of Information Engineering (IE), having developed its concepts from 1976 - 1980 based on original work carried...
  • Brad Abrams

    CLR 64 bit focused blog: You asked for it you got!

    In a recent post I asked if you folks would be interested in this… and today I see that Josh Williams a developer on the CLR team working on 64bit started a blog. A “must subscribe” for folks that want to know WAY too much about the...
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