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  • Windows Mobile Team Blog

    Speed up development using... disassembly!

    For a programmer, there's a time when you're trying to finish a feature and need to flush out the initial bugs in the product. A very typical but inefficient process is to run the app, find a problem, shutdown the app, fix it in the code, recompile it...
  • Cyrus' Blather


    Yes, it's both a sounds made when hurting villains in Batman, and it's also an acronym. In this case “Platform Look And Feel.” I bring this up because Java announced a new LAF at their convention called “ Ocean .” It currently...
  • Steven Pratschner's .Net CF WebLog

    .Net Compact Framework: Versioning, Strong Names and the Global Assembly Cache – Part 1

    Hi everyone – My name is Steven Pratschner. I’m the Program Manager for the CLR that ships as part of the .Net Compact Framework. I intend to use this blog to post information on various topics related to the Compact Framework, including versioning...
  • Michael Howard's Web Log

    Article: "Inside Windows XP Service Pack 2 RC2"

    It doesn't go deep, indeed, it covers nothing below the UI really, but this is a pretty nice article about some of the stuff we've done in Windows XP SP2...
  • The .NET Show

    Finished Filming: Whidbey Overview

    Ooops, we filmed our last episode on the 17th, and I still haven't gotten around to “blogging” about it yet. This episode focused on “Whidbey”, which is the next version of “Visual Studio”, and it will include a lot...
  • jaybaz [MS] WebLog


    Dru sent me a mail via this blog containing only this text: Does it generate x86 or CLR only? I can't be sure that this isn't a troll, so I'm posting this blog. Dru, what's up? What are you talking about?
  • This is my old blog

    Me playing with Visual Studio 2005

    SQLExpress: 1. if you want to see it under server explorer you need to explicitly state the name of the instance to “.\SQLExpress”. 2. Debugging a function under SQL Express is off by default, to enable it right click the connection...
  • FrankPr's World of Devices

    TechEd 2004, Amsterdam

    Lots of people here at TechEd Europe, interesting talks (incl. Herb Sutter's C++/.NET talks and the three-part Visual Studio 2005 Team System intro by Prashant Sridharan). Yesterday I visited the Windows Mobile area and had a chance to play with the...
  • mszCool's thoughts and cents revealed

    ControlDesigner - Accessing Web.Config at Design Time

    TechEd Europe is quite cool till now. Some interesting sessions (especially things about Team System and Web Services) and - if you have read one of my older blog entries - I am at the ask the experts getting some interesting questions from attendees...
  • PuzzleBuff's WebLog

    Three bits of code for popping bubbles

    Here are three ways to pop bubbles: 1. PopBubbleWithStar - this method erases the bubble, then draws a star, then erases the star. 2. PopBubbleWithBrush - this method erases the bubble, draws the bubble with a vertical hatch brush, then erases the...
  • Calvin Hsia's WebLog

    What is a C0000005 crash?

    In my blog about Dr. Watson I talked about product crashes. What is an example of a crash? How destructive is it? Here’s a simple example. MyFunction takes a string parameter and calculates its length MyFunction ( char * StringParam...
  • Jeremy Bostron's Blog

    Microsoft Employee Biographies

    Are you interested in who the employees at Microsoft are that work around the products you are interested in? I have been working with a number of individuals to launch the Microsoft Employee Biographies site at:
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