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  • Windows Embedded Blog

    DaveHam - good overview of devcon sessions...

    I've just been reading through some of DaveHam's postings about Devcon 2004 - makes for a good read - go check it out here ... Dave was very sneaky though, I really thought he was drinking coffee at the Geek Breakfast... - Mike
  • VinceX.NET's WebLog


    just see on Overview Paint.NET is a senior design project aided by a mentor at Microsoft. It is a paint program designed entirely by students and written using Microsoft's .NET Framework. The program makes it easier to create and...
  • scooblog by josh ledgard

    "Welcome to Last Week" Scoob Comments on API War

    I was never prompted or felt compelled to write up my thoughts on Joel's article until tonight when a co-worker sent it my way and it landed in my inbox... again. Here was my response. I saw it in RSSBandit since I'm subscribed. :-) It's interesting...
  • Larry Osterman's WebLog

    SpaceShipOne pictures

    I don’t normally do “me too” posts, but Robert Scoble posted this link to some truly amazing pictures of SpaceShipOne’s first flight and I wanted to share J
  • Visual Studio Express Team WebLog

    New Web Setup Installer is now online

    We have published the new web setup installers for Express SKUs. The new versions of installers should resolve the majority of the download issues we have seen reported. Please give it a try! Please read the know issues docuement before you start the...
  • Luke Nyswonger

    A new white paper, "Adapters: A Developer's Guide" is now available on GotDotNET

    A new white paper, "Adapters: A Developer's Guide" is now available on GotDotNET at . Written by Kevin Smith, Principal Consultant for MCS in the UK and former developer for...
  • SQL Server Express WebLog

    The Installation Summary Log

    I thought I'd let you know about the summary log file available to you from the installer. Summary.txt is a summary of the latest installation and can be found under %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft SQL Server\Setup Bootstrap\LOG . It will contain paths...
  • doncampbell's weblog

    Visual Studio Tools for Office

    Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) 2.0 is now in beta ! Of course VSTO 1.0 has been out for some time now and is available here . What's great about VSTO is that it allows developers a way to extend Office applications with managed code...
  • Brad Abrams

    More on Perf and Productivity

    Anthony Moore , Dev Lead for the BCL team posted a great comment on Rico’s latest quiz … It was so good I could not let it be buried there, so I thought I’d re-post it here… I am sure it will generate some comments ;-) I...
  • doncampbell's weblog

    Microsoft Office Information Bridge Framework (IBF) RTMs

    The Information Bridge Framework (IBF) "provides a framework for connecting disparate sources of enterprise information from back-end systems like ERP and CRM to Office 2003 Professional applications via web services and WinForms." It just RTM'ed...
  • jaybaz [MS] WebLog

    If test fixtures could be private

    Last one for the day, then I go home. You’ve read Test Methods are neither Methods nor Tests . You’ve dried off & are fully recovered. This is the practical reason why NUnit should remove the ‘public’ requirements...
  • Cyrus' Blather

    New express sku installers available.

    Annie Wang (PM on the VS Setup Team) and the rest of the setup team have worked extremely hard to fix up the problems reported during the initial download attempts of the express sku. She posted this update : “We have published the new web setup...
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