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  • Rob Caron

    Brian White on Linguistic Nimbility

    Brian White , one of the Program Managers for Team Foundation Server (specifically, the work item tracking piece of Visual Studio Team System ), blogs about acronyms at Microsoft and the sources of project code names. Linguistic Nimbility The day I loose...
  • BizTalk Core Engine's WebLog

    I'm back. :)

    Okay, wow apparently people are out there waiting for some more BTS blogs. So here we go. First, who am I? My name is Lee Graber. In August I will have been working as a developer on BizTalk Server for 5 years. In previous releases I owned (a non-MS...
  • scooblog by josh ledgard

    The Value of Developer Newsgroups

    Here is a great example why we encourage teams to make sure questions are being answered in their newsgroups. ( Link ) After answering a question for another user, Steve McLellan had this to say: “these newsgroups are a great resource, and...
  • Brian A White's Blog

    Linguistic Nimbility

    The day I loose my linguistic nimbility will be the day I leave the software industry. You might ask what is linguistic nimbility? or LN for short. Well, linguistic nimbility consists off two skills. First, is the ability to determining the meaning of...
  • jaybaz [MS] WebLog

    debug vs. release in C#

    A question came up on an internal DL about checking if an assembly was debug or release. I’m always looking for something to spout about, and this seemed like a good one. There are 3 things people typically identify as the difference between...
  • David Kline

    Debugging NetCF applications using cordbg -- Part III

    In Part II of NetCF debugging with cordbg, I talked about my favorite debugger modes. Today, I want to discuss the cordbg commands which are not supported when debugging .NET Compact Framework projects. Please note that this list is accurate as of...
  • Realize .NET Potential

    .NET Quiz (Q1-Q4)

    A quick way to measure your understanding of .NET is to take some quiz questions. And from time to time, I will offer some for your enjoyment. The answers will be given out either in the comment and/or in the next Quiz blog. Of course, you can usually...
  • Santomania

    Simple is better!

    I bought my wife an iPod for her birthday. It reminds me of my GMail account - both are elegantly simple, and also simply elegant. Clean, intuitive interfaces topping rich functionality. Unfortunately, that is something that software developers don...
  • Tim Sneath

    TechEd Europe: Pre-Conference Sessions

    Over 4000 attendees have registered thus far, leaving just another 2000 to register before the keynote at 10am tomorrow. We had a surge of registrations in the last week, which means we have about 500 more attendees than for last year's conference. As...
  • The Wayward WebLog

    Through the Looking Glass

    What's the fascination of 3D for the desktop? I'm referring to the Sun announcement of its new Looking Glass desktop. Of course, it looks intriguing. I'm not one to scoff at the overuse of CPU power just for the sake of using it, and I have not seen a...
  • Windows Mobile Team Blog

    I'm a mentor: Kinda like Yoda only taller and less green

    One of the really positive things we do here is "mentor" other folks in our same area of discipline. This can take on many forms, from helping a new hire to being a manager for a summer college intern. I'd call it a "best practice" for sure. What I've...
  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    Visual Studio 2005 Beta

    It's here - VS 2005 Beta was announced at TechEd Europe. The MSDN VS2005 Developer Center is fantastic. Download Latest Builds Beta 1 (6/29/2004) May Community Tech Preview (5/1/2004) Express Betas (6/29/2004) What are you waiting for - Download...
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