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  • Rakesh's Blog

    Please report any bugs you find here...

    Please try the Class Designer shipped with Visual Studio 5, beta1 bits. If you find any bugs please post them in this category. I will make sure that the reported bugs are addressed in beta2 or in RTM. Thanks.
  • Cameron Beccario


    A week ago three classmates and I went to the Nagoya Sumo tournament and the experience was simply amazing. For those of you who think Sumo wrestling is a bunch of obese half-naked men pushing each other around, well... you're right. But that's about...
  • tjlau's WebLog

    Spreading the humor...

  • Angel Saenz-Badillos

    Whidbey ADO.NET Promotable Transactions with System.Transactions & Yukon

    There is a special partnership between System.Transactions and Sql Server 2005, and no, it is not the fact that we begged the Enterprise Services team to ship this feature on whidbey and it is not (only) the fact that this is the only way to get distributed...
  • John R. Durant's WebLog

    I'm back from Tonga, and I'm bloggin' about Web Parts

    OK gang, I struggled with leaving paradise. Tonga is the most beautiful place on earth. The people are the most friendly and interesting, and the food is fantastic. I'll sneak in a photo when I can. Thanks for being patient while I was away....
  • SQL Server Express WebLog

    Sample: VB.Net Express and SQL Express Music Manager on MSDN

    Brian has a great sample on MSDN that shows off new features in the express SKUs. It really looks cool and pretty simple in terms of code. Please give us feedback as we have more samples planned. -Euan Garden Product Unit Manager SQL Server...
  • This is my old blog

    Going to Atlanta

    Soon I'll be on my way to Atlanta to the yearly microsoft conference AKA MGB (this is the one where ballmer sang 'developers developers developers..... ' 35 times). My first time, almost all the new microsofties will be there. So if you want to hang out...
  • Andrew Ma's WebLog

    InfoPath Posts

    Since I work for the Microsoft Office InfoPath team, I spend the majority of my work day using InfoPath. While doing this, I learn all kinds of interesting things that I would like to share with the community. Below are useful links to various InfoPath...
  • Gilles' WebLog

    Need to archive messages when they enter BizTalk 2004? Use the archiving pipeline component!

    Regularly, in microsoft.public.biztalk newsgroups, folks would like to archive messages as they are received by BizTalk, before any further processing. There are numerous ways to achieve this and the most obvious ones (non exhaustive list): When the orchestration...
  • aarons1's WebLog

    Great site showing "on-official" VPC compatibility

    Im not sure if you all have seen this site, but Jonathan Maltz has a great list of Guest O/S's and the experiences under Virtual PC. Check it out at
  • Fabulous Adventures In Coding

    What I Did On My Summer Vacation

    I'm back, and I've almost made it through the 525 not-automatically-sorted email messages, caught up on my blog reading, and so on. There are a number of interesting technical questions in my backlog that I'll start getting to later this week once I dig...
  • scooblog by josh ledgard

    VSCmdShell v0.8 Source Code Posted in the Workspace

    Download the source code without being a workspace member here : If you would like to contribute to the source you should sign up to be a member of...
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