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  • Paul Andrew

    TechEd: CTS405 Connected Systems: Choosing a Hosting Model - Dealing with Threads, AppDomains, and Processes

    Lance Olson presented this session with a pleasant mix of analogies and deep technical stuff. The slides are also a great source of his hints and tips. Things (managed code or killer whales - an analogy) run in an app domain, some things can have multiple...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Wheelie Mobile Wi-fi

    " I am like the ice cream man, but with no music and I deliver free wireless access and not ice cream." Via BBC

    MLB Online in Wired

    I caught this article in Wired: Baseball Hits a Homer Online . I've been using this service through my MSN Premium account and it's really great. Combined with the baseball on the SPOT watch and the MSN Alerts that get sent to the cell phone I can really...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    MSDN Channel 9, Embedded !

    Friday afternoon Robert Scoble from the MSDN Channel 9 team visited the Embedded devices lab, we took a tour of some of the more interesting devices running on Windows CE and Windows XP Embedded (including Roberts favorite, the Bernina Sewing Machine...
  • Paul Andrew

    TechEd: DEV364 Windows Forms 2.0: Deploying Applications Using ClickOnce

    The presenter for this was Jamie Cool. I was late to this session, but I stil picked up some interesting things. The presenter had just set the permission set of the application to Intranet and he tried this code:"c...
  • Florin Lazar - Consistency Checkpoint

    Windows Server Roadmap

    Bob Muglia presents the Windows Server roadmap: . He also mentions Indigo twice.
  • Irwin Dolobowsky's Blog

    Bulkload Sample Code

    As promised, the sample code for my presentation. The Object Demo was from Andy Conrad 's article “Death, Taxes, and Relational Databases, Part 2” . The other demo was mine, and here's the code. Again, the point of this demo was to show how...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    SPOT - Here's the link...

    I totally forgot to give you a link to the SPOT watch page - - Mike
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    SPOT Watch - new face :O)

    Earlier this week I downloaded a new watch face for my SPOT watch - It's growing on me, I've had this running as my default face for most of the week I have a SPOT watch, my laptop (a Toshiba M200 Tablet PC), and a Pocket PC Phone Edition - 15 minutes...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Good Session vs. Great Session ?

    I'm interested in your feedback - I seem to be spending more and more time presenting at conferences, and less time sitting through other peoples sessions - when I attended conferences like the PDC, TechEd, Windows CE Developers Conference (now the Windows...
  • jeffcal's blogland

    dependency analysis in msbuild

    when people first get their hands on msbuild, especially those familiar with other build systems, one of the first things they notice is msbuild's dependency analysis mechanism. the msbuild engine offers basic dependency checking based on explicitly declared...
  • Buck Hodges

    Dev303 summary, more blogs

    Thanks to Rob Caron there are good notes on Brian Harry's presentation. DEV303 - Visual Studio Team System: Enterprise-Class Source Control and Work Item Tracking Kevin Kelly (also in North Carolina) has started a weblog, opening with “...
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