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  • Reckless

    WSE Trace Tool

    Simon Guest built a front end on top of the WSE trace files. Cool stuff. If this were productized, what additional features would it have?
  • VolkerW's WebLog

    64-bit Windows, an advantage also for 32-bit applications

    The easiest way to take advantage of a 64-bit OS is of course running existing – 32-bit – applications on the new platform. In earlier blogs I mentioned how easy it is and that even 32-bit application take advantage of the underlying 64-bit operating...
  • robgruen's WebLog

    Q & A Visual Basic – Declaring Arrays using WithEvents

    Q: Why can’t we declare arrays with the WithEvents keyword? I’ve read the MSDN documentation on WithEvents but it doesn’t explain why this is the case. doc excerpt Part Description WithEvents Optional. Keyword specifying that varname is an object variable...
  • Rudi Larno's WebLog

    Innovation inspired by your Potential

    The 'Your Potential, Our Passion' campaign has been in Microsoft for over a year now. And the first time I saw some of the to-be-telivised ads, I was impressed. It is one of the best videos I have seen in years from Microsoft. This is a nice follow up...
  • Visual Studio Product Feedback Blog

    Customer and Product Group PFC Issues

    As the Product Feedback Center team plans upcoming releases, we have been brainstorming and prioritizing improvements to address the major pain points customers and product teams have experienced since the site went public at the end of June. Though the...
  • joc's bLog

    One last debugger tip

    Since Matt is doing a great job of documenting the handy features I added in the debugger, I thought I'd try and beat him to the punch on some of the last few things. Normally John Robbins makes a pile of cash from putting these in his excellent books...
  • Reckless

    DevCon Selling out Quickly

    We have had the registration site up for the Dev Con for a week now, and we are already more than half way full. A shameless plug for our co-sponsors. If you are looking for formal training on XML, Web Services, or the CLR, sign up for the PluralSight...
  • Van Kichline's WebLog

    An unexpected side effect of storing short directory paths

    This is a bit off the topic, too, but I'm running a time consuming process on two other machines right now... I run a web server in my basement on DSL. Over the weekend I decided to finally upgrade the 80 GB hard disk that had been spinning practically...
  • Ryans WebLog

    opening blog, and comment regarding executing procedures from views

    Hi, this is my opening blog. I intend to use this space to discuss my SQL 2000 exploits, and to build up some blogging experience. As an opener, I'd like to describe a scenerio I've seen in news group posts - 'execution of a stored procedure as a view...
  • Stephen Fisher

    Outlook item selection with a pen

    Kent Compton ( ) provided a tip on how to select multiple Outlook items with a TabletPC pen (e.g. deleting email). "Here's what I do for deleting/marking read/etc. contiguous emails: 1) Hover your mouse just on the inside...
  • One Louder

    Getting noticed at Microsoft...

    Michael Swanson posted about his experience applying to Microsoft by sending a life-size foam cutout of himself. Cool story. It makes me think about having a "most interesting application" contest. You know...I don't want anything of monetary value, but...
  • Jesper snackar dynga då och då. Här är beviset.

    Skeppat: två små verktyg

    Två små verktyg som jag har lokaliserat har skeppats - Diagnostic Tool for the Microsoft VM -- används för att kolla vilka versioner av Java VM som är installerade på datorer och vilka program som kan påverkas om du skulle avinstallera Java VM. Verktyget...
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