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  • One Louder

    Costco is selling caskets

    I love shopping, especially when I get a deal, but this is just weird and morbid.
  • To the tune of James

    What's next for IE - wait IE is not really dead?!?

    In my early days at an ISP in Utah many moons ago; we distributed everything you needed to get connected to the internet on a single 1.44MB diskette. Then in '95 we had to span it across (2) 1.44MB diskettes. Then in late '96 we switched browsers from...
  • VinceX.NET's WebLog

    New update for SPV E200 is available!

    Finally.... { New update for SPV E200 is available! Benefits: Longer battery life which significantly improves standby time so that you can use your E200 much longer. Improved sound quality from the loudspeaker, earphones, and microphone so that you can...
  • Scott Woodgate's OutBursts

    Timing is running out on the competition

    Only 12 or so days to go but your odds of winning good money are high. Get those entries in!
  • Josh Lee's Financial Services Blog

    Innovation in Financial Services

    Greetings and welcome to the Financial Services Blog from Josh Lee. Just to give you some background. I'm the Program Manager for Financial Services Architecture for Microsoft. For the last four years I have been the Technology Strategy Director for Financial...
  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium

    Practice your parking

    • 20 Comments 1:26
  • To the tune of James

    .NET FX 1.1 SP1 update and a tidbit on XP SP2

    As many of you may have noticed the Tech preview of .NET FX 1.1 SP1 is no longer available via MSDN. Expect a final RTM soon! As always, I will post the link here. When it appears, it will show up here:
  • jaybaz [MS] WebLog

    Comparing ranges

    Ryan Farley talks about comparing date ranges . In his post is this phrase “ First range represented by r1start to r1end and second range represented by r2start to r2end ”. Aha, a code smell! 2 things that are related should have that relationship represented...
  • One Louder

    Increasing competition for

    In BusinessWeek Online, Olga Kharif writes about increasing competition in the job board space; where has been a leader for quite some time (I was reminded recently of the "old days" when people used OCC...remember that?). She references eBay...
  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium


    Last night, Kim and I took advantage of our temporarily childless state, and went out for dinner at SeaStar in downtown Bellevue. I've been a bit disappointed in the last year or so when we've gone to nice places. We went to Cutters back in May, and while...
  • The Wayward WebLog

    Hurricane Charlie

    To think, there was a time in the past when my home was actually a place of solitude, a veritable utopia of serenity. I would travel home from work and find nothing but peace, pleasurable silence and often a warm welcome. Then things changed, not too...
  • Gilles' WebLog

    Wireless Networking and Security

    Yesterday, I did put the last touch to my home wireless network. Thanks to my D-LINK DI-624 and a G650 card, I have been enjoying a 108Mbps link. They do this through a proprietary extension called " Super G ". During the configuration of the network...
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