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  • MSDN Student Flash

    It's been a slow few days...

    Sorry for the lack of posts over the past few days, but due to the holiday we actually were away from the computer for a bit. It good to take a break every once and a while, but now it's time working again. We are working on getting a really cool idea...
  • Matt Powell

    More Random Good Stuff from Don

    Don digs into more ins and outs of manipulating ASMX Web methods to do what you want. A pretty neat list of tricks to keep around. -Matt
  • Matt Powell

    WSE 2.0 and Whidbey?

    Hervey reports that w/ the upcoming SP2 release of WSE 2.0 that some of the problems with running WSE 2.0 on beta .NET Framework 2.0 have been addressed. -Matt
  • Matt Powell

    The Universal Webmethod

    Don Box posted the Universal Webmethod for ASMX Web services (gives you the SOAP body of the request and response messages as raw XML elements - headers too). I once wrote about this general concept but never spelled out how to control both incoming and...
  • Kam VedBrat

    Exposé and The 30" Cinema Display

    I saw the new 30" Cinema Display at the Apple Store this weekend for the first time. I gotta hand it to them - it's great. The price is still way to steep for me to give up my Dell 2001FP , but it was really interesting to use. What really amazed me was...
  • Jeromy Carriere's WebLog

    Big weekend for books

    I finished Software Factories this weekend. Good stuff. I need to read Czarnecki and Eisenecker’s Generative Programming . Bigger news: I finally finished Quicksilver . I managed to do it in just under a year (with some substantial periods of no...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Communication - where's it going ?

    I was thinking about the direction of communication last night, and sure enough an article on turns up this morning which talks about video communication. So where is communication headed? – think about the changes from radio to black and...
  • The Old New Thing

    Why doesn't the RunAs program accept a password on the command line?

    Because that would be inviting a security hole....
  • Jesper snackar dynga då och då. Här är beviset.

    Vad är skillnaden mellan var och vart?

    Här är ännu en sak som irriterar mig - när folk använder orden var och vart fel. För att undvika att irritera mig i onödan, kom ihåg att var anger läge och vart anger riktning. "Var är vi?" är korrekt. "Vart är vi på väg" är korrekt. "Vart är du" och...
  • tjlau's WebLog

    get ready for management in the land of the rising sun...

    Tomorrow is Microsoft Management Summit 2004 Japan here in Tokyo. Bob Muglia's will be delivering the keynote, providing an update to the Dynamic Systems Initiative as well as announcing the availablity of MOM 2005 and Virtual Server 2005 in Japanese...
  • Santomania

    האם משתמשים אוהבים לראות הודעות בשפות שאינם אנגלית?

    אני בדעה שלא כדאי להציג כברירת מחדל הודעות שאינם באנגלית בדף הבית. הודעה זו מעניינת אולי 1% מהקוראים ושמשמשת כ"רעש" לשאר האוכלוסייה. אם כל ההודעות באתר זה היו מתחלקות שווה בשווה בין אנגלית, עברית, רוסית, סינית וצרפתית אז לפי חשבון פשוט רק כ-20% מההודעות...
  • Santomania

    The Infopath presentation to the .Net Architects User Group Rocked!

    Last night was lots of fun. I delivered a 2 hour InfoPath presentation to the Israeli .Net Architects user group. This was my first time in front of this particular UG, and they are a pretty sharp bunch who were very interactive with questions and comments...
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