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  • RemLog

    Introduction/Bio, the really long and boring version

    Hello my name is Dave Remy (call me Remy or Rem if you want). I am a Lead Program Manager on Core XML Technologies at Microsoft (a part of the Webdata XML team ). Currently I am focusing on XML Schema support as well participating on several other of...
  • Andy Pennell's Blog

    My Theory about HD Tivo problems: Turn off Suggestions

    You may remember back in October when I kind of lost it about TiVo , as it was misbehaving badly. Well DirectTV replaced my hardware, though I still believe the core issue to be a software one. I re-entered all my Season Passes into the new box (I should...
  • Lori Pearce's WebLog

    Pre-release PSDK for WinSrv 2K3 SP1 RC is available...

    ...for WinSrv 2K3 SP1 Beta program members and MSDN subscribers (sorry--it's not available to the general public until RTM). It can take a few days to make its way to the download center and other locations so try again later in the week if you can't...
  • BCL Team Blog

    Extra! Extra! Generics CLS-compliant in Whidbey! [Peter Drayton]

    As you may have already heard, the November CTP of Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition was posted for MSDN subscribers earlier this month. CTPs are unsupported, pre-release software - and also a great way to get an early look at what's coming down the...
  • Brian Groth's Life at Microsoft

    Starting a New Project

    My team and I, plus numerous others not on my team, are starting to build a new version of the demo that we will have running in all of the Microsoft Technology Centers around the world . Our goal is to roughly expand our 16+ server infrastructure (mostly...
  • Sebastien St-Laurent's (AKA Sebby) WebLog

    Vacation Time

    The holidays are here! And my and my wife are going to see my family in Quebec for a whole week. Should be a fun, cold and exciting week. Havn't seen them in almost two years. So i'm way past due!! I want to wish happy holidays to everybody out there...
  • Sebastien St-Laurent's (AKA Sebby) WebLog

    Review - Visual Studio .NET Tips and Tricks

    If you recall my post from about one week ago, i had a chance to meet up with Minh T. Nguyen, the author of Visual Studio .NET Tips and Tricks . I had a chance to read his book this week and thought I would share some of my thoughts on the topic. The...
  • Brad Abrams

    Generics CLS compliant in Whidbey

    I am super excited about the fact that generics will be CLS complaint for Whidbey … With this change generics are now completely first class in Whidbey… It means that the frameworks Microsoft and 3 rd parties produce can full leverage this new feature...
  • oliverlu's WebLog


    添加一篇 CSDN 上的文章的链接: 破解中国软件落后印度的魔咒 其实大家早就习惯了看到这种消息,反正差距已经越来越大,急也是没有用的,但看到这些数据,还是不禁令人有点震动。国内的氛围,也早就给自己找好了借口:人家印度要靠外包,没有自己的市场;我们不同,我们不需要靠外包,我们自己的市场就很大 …… 只怕到时候,我们自己的市场,都会被别人给包了去。
  • Peter Torr's Blog

    I love Slashdot

    The comments from my last post are still coming in thick and fast. Thanks to everyone who didn't just swear at me (and if I didn't approve your comment, it was because it had too much profanity in it). First things first: I was wrong about uninstalling...
  • [Profoundly Esoteric Image]

    Another domain model example

    ChrisM has an example of using our Domain Model Designer on his blog and promises more with our new CTP download .  Looking forward to it Chris.
  • [Profoundly Esoteric Image]

    Another one of the team online

    Jack Greenfield , an architect in the same group as myself and the other DSL guys has been seduced by the allure of blogging.  He joins the debate with Grady Booch and looks forward to sharing more about our software factories vision .
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