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  • Ken Levy's Blog

    Visiting 5 Europa countries within 9 hours

    For reference, here in Europe it is most common for Europe to be referred to as Europa . Our drive yesterday started us in Germany, had us drive through Austria, northern Italy, into Switzerland, through Lichtenstein, then to Zurich Switzerland. Lichtenstein...
  • Harry Pierson's DevHawk Weblog

    Keith on Software Factories

    Sure has been quiet around here. Standard end of the fiscal year craziness. Plus, I had some dogfood issue w/ XP SP2 RC1, Office 2003 SP1 beta and NewsGator. Upgrading to XP SP2 RC2 seems to have solved the problem. Regardless of the cause, I'm way behind...
  • Michael Howard's Web Log

    "Assessing Network Security" is released

    Kevin Lam, David LeBlanc, & Ben Smith have released a new book, “Assessing Network Security” from MSPress. To quote Ben in an email he sent, “The book is primarily aimed at security professionals new to penetration testing and IT...
  • Visual Studio Editor Blog

    How can the Editor improve?

    I just got an email from one of the readers of this blog wondering how to suggest new features for the Editor in future versions of Visual Studio. The easy answer to his question is to simply by responding to this post. If you have a great idea about...
  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    On art and the interview day

    One perk of working in a Microsoft building is viewing the pieces in the Microsoft Art Collection . Yes, that’s right. Microsoft has its own art collection and its very own in-house curator. According to the Art Collection website: ...
  • Cyrus' Blather

    Damn slacking developers

    It's amazing how little the developers work around here. All i see around me are people making excuses in order to get out of a little work. Take Shon for example. Never gets anything done. What's his excuse this time? “I have a baby.”...
  • Kirk Evans Blog

    Life at Microsoft: Evangelizing to Telecoms

    My job title is “.NET Developer Evangelist,” which (as comically vague as it might seem) is very self-descriptive. My job is to talk about the goodness of .NET to whomever will listen, willingly or otherwise. Unlike Scoble, also an Evangelist...
  • MikeZand

    DSI more tangible: managing with power ... literally

    An interesting (possible future) scenario of DSI/SDM by Michael Platt. It's uncertain if application developers will really require power specifications, but you'll never know. I’m absolutely convinced that Dynamic Systems Initiative is and will be the next prodigy ... ...
  • Cyrus' Blather

    I hate my DNA

    It's all like twisty and stuff, and has far too much cytosine and not enough adenine. It holds me back and it's been driving my nuts recently. Oh wait... no, I love my DNA. It's a marvel of engineering and I'm constantly having to fight off the biomed...
  • LauraJ's Weblog

    Betsy's just fun, and very real, to boot!

    I was cruising Betsy's blog this evening, laughing my ass off. I have never met anyone so passionate about community as Betsy (maybe it's just that I haven't spent enough time with Jeff, or Robert, but maybe not ;-) She lives and breathes community, and...
  • LauraJ's Weblog

    Hey look, it's FrankRed!

    Yet another MSDN blogger joins the fray ! Welcome Frank!
  • LauraJ's Weblog

    Web Part Deployment Best Practices?

    In articles on MSDN that talk about creating basic web parts , they talk about deployment by importing a .DWT. However, there is also an article on “ Using Wppackager to Package and Deploy Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies...
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