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  • BizSpark Australia

    Are you going to WPC 2011? Meet other global Startups at this Networking event

    NETWORKING EVENT AT WPC 2011 Please join us for a private VIP event at Club Nokia Lounge during WPC in Los Angeles Wednesday, July 13 th from 6:00pm-8:00pm. (You don’t need to be attending WPC to come!) To RSVP, please contact Claudia Arriagada at v-clarri...
  • Dynamics AX in the Field

    AIF File Adapter for AX 2009 - Security Authorization

    Summary To properly test your xml documents for use with the Application Integration Framework (AIF) in AX 2009, it is best to use the File Adapter as it is easy to set up. You can use any Adapter for when you go-live. It is important to understand...
  • Mikael Deurell

    Jag älskar att få betalt för att skriva C++

    För det händer så sällan... Men det är kärlek... Som att titta på gamla kort på en kärlek från förr... Vackert, lite sentimentalt... men skönt att det är över... ;-) Hade problem med en weird fillåsning hos en kund som trattades ner till en enkel snutt...
  • Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson

    Programming Proverbs 21: Hand-check the program before running it

    Hand checking code seems to be a dying art. At least for students that is. Throw some code into the IDE and hit F5 to compile and run and then see what happens. "Ready, Fire, Aim" At the risk of sounding like the old guy reminiscing about the good...
  • Microsoft SharePoint チームのブログ

    PerformancePoint Services for SharePoint 2010 とは何か – そして、それだけなのか

    原文の記事の投稿日: 2011 年 5 月 18 日 (水曜日) PerformancePoint とは何か PerformancePoint Services は 1 つの大きな使命を担っています。それは、ビジネスの進行状況をあらゆるレベルで知ることができる完全なビューを提供するために、データとコンテンツを集約する多機能のコンテキスト駆動型のダッシュボードを作成できるようにすることです。 マイクロソフトが提供するビジネス インテリジェンス スタックを見渡すと、ビジネスの視覚化と理解を支援するためにダッシュボードを作成するいくつかのツールが目に入りますが...
  • A CRM Riff

    Best Practices for Developing with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

    This Microsoft Dynamics SDK topic describes best practices for customizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 . Performance Best Practices Customization Best Practices Security Best Practices ISV Extensibility Best Practices Performance Best Practices The following...
  • Secret Microsoft Communications

    A quick review of Encapsulation using Duff's Beer as an example

    What is encapsulation? One thing it isn’t, but is similar to: Using dogs swimming in beer for flavoring. In this case this would be the hiding of the fact that dogs are used to flavor Red-Tick beer, unlike Duff’s beer (the beer Homer Simpson...
  • maor's blog

    Inbound Data Now Free on Windows Azure

    The Windows Azure team has announced change in pricing for the Windows Azure platform that will provide significant cost savings for customers whose cloud applications experience substantial inbound traffic, and customers interested in migrating large...
  • The Silverlight Blog

    March Madness

    Welcome to the inaugural Silverlight/UX team blog. My name is Chris Carper , and I am a Director on the Silverlight Business development team here at Microsoft. This is what we hope will be many Silverlight blog posts from those whose day to day jobs...
  • The Silverlight Blog

    Designing a Glassy Button using Expression Design

    Learn the simple recipe to design the look of a glassy button. It is a very simple process as you will discover and surprisingly easy to replicate even for the non-designer.   Designing a Glassy Button using Expression Design Click these links to...
  • The Silverlight Blog

    Live Smooth Streaming Now Released - IIS Media Services 3.0

    If you’ve enjoyed live web broadcast events like Wimbledon and Sunday Night Football on NBCSports, the UEFA Super Cup on Canal+, and Roland Garros and the Tour de France on France Télévisions, then you’ve witnessed first-hand the power of our Smooth Streaming...
  • gaihu


    账户域: 在Windows network中,任何的账户都是存在于一定的域中,这个域负责给这个账户分配SID,管理其权限。域可以分为本地的和远程的。 本地域: 在Windows network中,机器和机器之间默认是相互不信任的;任何单独的一台机器形成一个域;机器的本地账户都存在于这个域当中。 远程域: 在Windows 网络中,某些服务器机器可以被配置成域管理器的角色,这些机器负责维护一定机器之间的信任关系。这些机器维护的信任区域就称为远程域。 域管理器: 在远程域中,负责维护域中机器之间的信任关系的服务器称之为域管理器...
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