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  • PSfD: Team Blog

    Reasons to migrate to Windows Server 2003

    I realise that this is a bit late for many people, but I have been helping one of my customers with a justification to move to Windows Server 2003 from Windows 2000 Server. It is specifically targeted at the main application that they develop which is...
  • Jonathan Hardwick

    Mark all as read in Outlook - and why the long tail means that web search engines beat Office help

    Cameron Reilly found my post on keyboard shortcuts in Outlook while trying to figure out a better way to do “Mark All As Read” : Oh, and Jonathan, don't worry about getting this tidbit into Who needs it! Your blog came up as...
  • David L's Blog

    Get well soon Franky!

    Fantastic Frank Arrigo is in hospital today for surgery , so I'm checking his mail, you know, keeping all his correspondence under control, kinda like Santa's little elves, only not as diabolical...anyway, I just got this get well card from one of Frank...
  • Junfeng Zhang's Musing

    Test your platform specific assemblies

    If you do not know what is platform specific assemblies, please read this post: Assembly ProcessorArchitecture Assume your platform specific assemblies will be shipped both in 32 bit and...
  • Eugenio Pace

    Updater Application Block Webcast

    Don't miss the opportunity of watching this introductory web cast on Updater Application Block V2.0 presented by patterns & practices Smart Client Team next Thrursday 14th. at 11:00 am (PST).
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Google Local goes Mobile

    Search Engine Watch: Google Debuts Local Mobile : "The new service, available now at , is very similar to the local search service available via personal computer. "There are some differences between cell phone and [personal...
  • Dan Crevier's Blog

    Another ex-MacBU Development Manager is blogging

    Kenny Wolf is now blogging here . Kenny was the Development Manager in Redmond while I was Development Manager in Mountain View for a couple of years. He moved over to the Indigo team a couple of years ago. Read all about it on his blog :-)
  • Jonathan Hardwick

    Blogging at MMS 2005

    Rod Trent asks if anyone will be blogging at MMS 2005 next week. I certainly will! In fact, I’ve been “volunteered” to provide status updates from the conference for the rest of my team back in Redmond, so I’m hoping that I can repurpose most of that...
  • Partho's Weblog

    Visual J# on MSDN TV

    Pratap Lakshman introduces various enhancements to Visual J# 2005 and discusses themes such as, providing language level support for common programming idioms, making it easier to write better and correct code, and enabling new scenarios through enhanced security and integration....
  • Brad Abrams

    Has anyone tried it? What do you think?

    Has anyone tried it? What do you think? Introducing ZAM 3D ™ A New 3D XAML Tool for Microsoft "Avalon" Application Development First 3D software of its kind provides developers and designers with a quick and...
  • Matusow's Blog

    Open Source Testing: The Next Fad

    Last week I spent two very worthwhile days in San Francisco at the Open Source Business Conference . Once again Matt Asay and friends put on a stellar conference. The speakers Matt was able to assemble were impressive and the halls were filled with many...
  • Artificial Ignorance - the Anand Iyer chronicles

    My Best Friends's Wedding - Volume 2, Part 1

    Yes, its happened... my best friends's wedding happened this past weekend. As much as I was dreading the whole affair, I had the most amazing time I've had in an extremely long time. Honest! I got to meet up with some of my old old friends this past...
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