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  • Dariusz quatscht

    LinuxTag 2004

    I’m not sure if you are aware of the “ LinuxTag 2004 ” one of the biggest Linux conferences in Europe. In my previous life I was a Unix developer and have still an eye on that side. Inspired by this letter I was thinking myself that...
  • James Newkirk's Blog

    Why Blog?

    For a number of months many people have been after to me write a blog. I have resisted because I did not want to be one of the people who started writing a blog with a lot of energy only to see it whither to a few posts a year. However over the past few...
  • JeremyK's [MSFT] WebLog

    Making Heads and Tails of Roles in PSS

    Ever wondered what are all the different roles are in Exchange PSS support experience? Well maybe this might help… below is a brief explanation of each of the different roles that you may encounter when engaging PSS. Technical Router This...
  • C# Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I run another application or batch file from my Visual C# .NET code?

    Posted by: Duncan Mackenzie , MSDN This post applies to Visual C# .NET 2002/2003 Suppose you want to run a command line application, open up another Windows program, or even bring up the default web browser or email program... how can you do this from...
  • Saurabh's Blog

    Keyboard Shortcut Consistency

    One fine day, I get a call to help in investigating failures in few of the automated tests. After some investigation, we figured that failures were happening because somebody decided to assign “F2” as a keyboard shortcut to build. What is wrong with that...
  • Man vs Code

    Everyone's problem

    David - you're dangerous.
  • Glen's old blog

    .NET Pub Club - Charlotte, NC!!!

    The next meeting of the .NET Pub Club Southeast will be following the MSDN Event in Charlotte, NC on June 10th. This will be a fun evening of free food and soft drinks (you can buy harder stuff if you want too!). It's a chance for you to mingle with...
  • scooblog by josh ledgard

    Blogs, Alpha Builds, Customer Community, and Legal Issues

    Tomorrow I meet with a couple members of the MS Legal team to talk about the various issues that surround our current and future planned community endeavors. Here is a brain dump of my current thoughts that I look forward to looking at after I'm re-educated...
  • natn's WebLog

    Business Intelligence at Microsoft

    I first heard about blogging during PDC 2003 time and I have been checking out several blogs since then. And here I am doing my own! I am mostly going to focus this one on discussing business intelligence (BI) stuff - the technology, the business, and...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Mars Rover... The problem explained...

    Interesting blog showing what happened to the Mars rover, and how this was corrected - - Mike
  • Site News

    Really Minor Update

    I posted a very minor update tonight. You should now be able to go to Admin >> Options >> Preferences and globally turn your comments on or off . There is still NO confirmation the update was successful. There will be a major update in...
  • Brad Abrams

    The SLAR gets a review...

    Ask and you shall receive … I just saw that Jose Fuentes posted a review of the SLAR … He gives me a hard time for not including VB content… And I understand that… I love VB, some of my best friends use VB… It was a painful...
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