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  • Stan Lippman's BLog

    A Fundamental Difference in Class Behavior between the Native and Managed Object Model

    I have used two primary metaphors in my discussions of bring C++ to the .NET platform. In terms of the different physics of the two object models, I have distinguished them as Kansas and Oz, and claimed with little apparent success that the physics of...

    Wired on Mydoom

    Wired has a pretty good writeup today on the Mydoom worm . Many users may not know that they're infected, so it's really imperative that people get good AV software installed and scan their machines regularly.
  • Bit-cycling

    Open for business (again)

    I’m back. I took a little vacation from my “experiment” to attend to wrapping up some features for the next release of SP2. Yeah, I know it’s facetious to call blogging an experiment when it’s clearly done by tens of thousands of people, but it’s an experiment...
  • The Old New Thing

    Another reason not to do anything scary in your DllMain: Inadvertent deadlock

    Your DllMain function runs inside the loader lock, one of the few times the OS lets you run code while one of its internal locks is held. This means that you must be extra careful not to violate a lock hierarchy in your DllMain; otherwise, you are asking...
  • The Old New Thing

    Passenger announcements in the airport

    While in Seattle-Tacoma International Airport yesterday, waiting for my flight to eventually be cancelled due to weather, then waiting for a replacement itinerary (um, the weather is the same at the destination; doesn't matter which plane you take), then...
  • Peter Torr's Blog

    Using referenced assemblies in VSTO

    OK, a quick one to finish up. When you add a reference to a "private" (non-GACed) assembly to a VSTO project, you'll need to grant it trust if it needs more than basic Execution permission. But where to grant trust? Some background information for...
  • Bit-cycling

    Mac OS X Hall of Shame (part 1)

    Pierre Igot has posted has posted a Mac OS X Hall of Shame at . I note this not to revel in the joy of a competitor’s product getting some criticism (no, really, I’m not), but because for many things that he listed, you could...
  • Peter Torr's Blog

    Francis Francis! X5 and ESE pods

    Warning: this entry has nothing to do with code. As I blogged earlier (I think!) I have a rather nice espresso machine at home. You can pick one up for yourself at Whole Latte Love (that pun makes my dear friend wince :-) ) but it's a bit big...
  • Peter Torr's Blog

    Not calling your parent constructor

    Earlier today, JArnold wrote a blog entry that looked at an instance-based constructor hack that is similar (in an opposite kind of way) to my earlier post on class constructors . Whilst JArnold's blog is 100% correct, there's an important distinction...
  • Peter Torr's Blog

    Beware of AutoSave and DocumentBeforeSave

    One of the cool things about Word is that it auto-saves your work so that if the machine dies or the app crashes you can get most of it back again. One of the other cool things about Word is that you can customise the built-in dialogs -- such as the Save...
  • Bit-cycling

    And about that Home Networking guide...

    I'm still looking for some feedback on the Home Networking Guide. As I said below, my team shipped this tool a little while back. It helps users figure out what’s the best home network (hardware, media types, etc) for their environment, helps with...
  • Sara Ford's Weblog

    First night back in Karate

    <i’m moving this post to the new karate category> Last night, I had my first karate class in about eight years.  Back in the day, I was a 1st kyu brown belt (the next rank is black) who had participated in regional and national competitions...
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