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  • Jason Zander's blog

    Pointy Hair: The Best Internship Projects

    As much as I love spending time writing code, a big (and important) part of my day job is running a big team. Several kinds of questions come up during the various times of year. Right now we are interviewing summer intern candidates. I get asked by new...
  • Rob Caron

    New Team System Stuff - 2004-12-07

    Visual Studio Team System “From a Team Lead standpoint, it looks absolutely amazing.” – Sean McCormack ( Visual Studio 2005 Team System at DevConnections ) “…there are new "Community Technology Preview" builds of both Visual...
  • Fabulous Adventures In Coding

    VBScript Constants Are Not Hoisted

    A reader asked me the other day to riff a bit on why this works: Dim i For i = 1 To 2 print c Next Const c = 10 And this works For i = 1 To 2 print c Dim i Next Const c = 10 but this fails with a "name redefined" error: For i = 1 To 2 print c Const c...
  • olivier pieri's WebLog

    Make an ADO.Net connection when you have an SMO connection

    When you have an SMO connection, it is very easy to make an ADO.Net connection as the connection string is exactly the same. Then you just have to reuse it. Here is a sample that supposed that the object ServerConn is an SMO ServerConnection. SqlConnection...
  • scooblog by josh ledgard

    IOD: Cassette Adapter with Remote Control Capabilities

    My commute seems to get longer each morning so I just can't help but trying to think of ways to make it better. I use a cassette adapter to hook my iPod into my car stereo. My car has built in controls for the stereo on the steering wheel, but it's frustrating...
  • olivier pieri's WebLog

    Create table with SMO

    Once you are connected to SQL Server 2005 with a SMO connection, you can start manage and create object. Here is an example on how you can create a table with a promary key (this sample is written in C# and use a beta version of SQL Server 2005 and of...
  • Michael Howard's Web Log

    Windows Server 2003 SP1 Release Candidate Available

    In case you hadn't heard, RC1 is avail for download from eWeek has a short write-up about some of the security changes we have made,,1759...
  • frankgo's WebLog

    Great offer for those of you planning on attending our conference!

    Check out for an awesome limited time offer if you register for the Microsoft Windows Anywhere Conference. The conference is co-located with VS Live in San Francisco next February. We have some pretty exciting material...
  • frankgo's WebLog

    Wow, I thought this was just a large PDA…

    I am down in San Francisco this week at Oracle World, gotta love these folks as they can put on a great conference - twenty thousand plus. The doors to the exhibit hall opened at 5pm last night and I was alone at the Tablet booth with Arin and Michelle...
  • Matt Powell

    Lesson Learned: Don't Fiddle with your Tablet Pen

    During my weekly meeting with my boss (the best time to do stupid things, don't you think?) I had my tablet pc in hand and was taking a few notes w/ the pen. We got into a discussion of one sort or another when suddenly, SNAP! As I'm akin to do with normal...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Microsoft in Consumer Electronic Devices.

    Business Week have an interview with Robert Bach, talking about Microsoft’s Consumer Strategy. The article lists some of the devices that are now shipping that have Microsoft technology inside, this includes XBOX, Media Center PC, Media Center Extender...

    HAL-PC: SQL Server 2005 & CLR Integration

    I will be speaking on SQL Server 2005 CLR Integration at the December meeting of HAL-PC's C# SIG. Needless to say, I will confine myself to using C# ... I think Odis would have me lynched if I used VB!) It'll be a cool overview of the stuff you can do...
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