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  • Ulrich's SOAP Box

    Migrating to SOA - Composing Services

    Well, I’ve nearly finished my talk. Today I completed the section entitled “Walk…”, where I talk about extensions to a simple Web Service architecture that improved the architecture, and allow you to build new business processes from existing services...
  • Randy Holloway at Microsoft

    Apples and Oranges

    Great comments from Dare on the comparison of Google Desktop Search and WinFS . Among them, the following: "Tools like Lookout and Google Desktop Search are a crutch to get around the fact that the file navigation metaphor on most desktop systems is past...
  • Randy Holloway at Microsoft

    Still looking for smart clients

    So when I asked about smart client applications , I thought that I'd learn something new or find out about some great new tools. Sadly, I really didn't. Scoble points to a bunch of aggregator-style applications , and the comments didn't really point out...
  • Michał Cierniak

    CLR and JVM performance compared

    I wrote recently about Ben Zorn’s benchmarks . And now I’ve just found out about a web page with performance comparisons of JVM and CLR implementations: Kazuyuki Shudo who has been posting for many years performance comparisons of various JVMs has now...
  • load of tosh

    What kind of social software are you?

    Apparently, I'm a GNE. What are you?
  • oliverlu's WebLog


    经常有人问, SPS 中有没有树状结构的 Web Part ,可以显示文档库中的结构,当点击了一个节点以后,在另一个窗口中会转到这个节点对应的文件夹中去。或者,能不能开发一个导航栏,把各个 Area 的层次结构放在导航栏中。 这些其实在 SPS2003 中都可以做到,但我不会!其实,我是不会写 Java Script 。因为在 ASP.NET 1.1 中,是没有 TreeView 这样的控件的,所以要通过 Java Script 来生成最后的菜单。可惜这是我的弱点之一,也没有想着要去弥补…… 不过现在好了...
  • Funny, It Worked Last Time

    Encodings in Strings are Evil Things (Part 2)

    At the end of the last post, we reduced the abstract concept of "string" down to an "ordered sequence of Unicode code points." (We did so by choosing to actively ignore glyph information, but we'll be coming back to it later.) Unicode code points are simply numbers; of course, numbers have to be reduced to binary to be stored in a computer. Someone who is reading a string needs to use the exact same encoding scheme. And not all encoding schemes are equal......
  • One Louder

    Want me to find your blog resume without the trouble of having to send it to me?

    Link from your blog resume to this post and I'll check out your resume by reviewing my referrals. Pretty stealth, huh? Nobody needs to know except the 2 of us ; )
  • One Louder

    As a blog reader, what do you want from a recruiter's blog?

    In my recent experience speaking at industry events about blogging (2 more in the works...I'll provide details as the dates get closer) and engaging with recruiters individually, I hear some themes. Actually, they are questions...the same ones I hear...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    How Microsoft is 'handling' the open source threat

    Martin Taylor, global general manager of platform strategy at Microsoft, talks to about how the company is handling the open source threat: "I've hired quite a few people from the Linux open source world to run a research and development centre...
  • Jon Gallant's Blog

    Outlook 2003 Add-in for XP Events

    This post has moved to:
  • aaron's weblog

    Download The New Whidbey CTP

    I just received mail that we have released the October Community Tech Preview of Visual Studio 2005. This consists of all of the variations of our Express Editions. You may want to start with the Read Me . Then, you can dive right into the apps !
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