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  • The Old New Thing

    NFL cracks down on grandstanding

    Celebration penalty among rules changes....
  • Brain Dump

    Beware of Fully Trusted Code

    Very good article explaining why “it's impossible to give someone an assembly and restrict them from calling certain methods or accessing certain variables.” Reflections can be used to call private methods of an assembly, and if .Net Security...
  • Visual Basic Frequently Asked Questions

    Does the .NET Framework include an equivalent for [Insert Win32 API function here]?

    Posted by: Phil Weber , VB MVP This post applies to Visual Basic .NET 2002/2003/2005 Judging by the questions I see in online discussion forums, many VB developers are not yet aware of this article, which lists Win32 API functions and their .NET equivalents...
  • Gooey Bugs

    Digital Camera recommendations...

    (Feedback based update: 7/7/2004) Due to my computer and photography interests, I get asked quite frequently to spew about my recommendations for purchasing a digital camera. Of course I have opinions, but so do a million other photographer/computer...
  • Wayne's Microsoft Blog


    Need to move a shape or a picture into an exact position but can't get it positioned just right using the mouse? Nudging lets you move something a tiny distance so you can get it positioned precisely the way you want. How to nudge a shape: ...
  • Visual Studio Data

    .NET coding contest! (by yag)

    This is really cool. Roy Osherove , Mike Gunderloy , Frans Bouma and (maybe) Rory Blyth have gotten together and are running a Most useful addin/macro for Visual Studio .NET contest. Check out the rules and the prizes !
  • Paul Andrew

    Microsoft New Zealand Security Summit is next week

    And we're pretty busy getting ready for it . My session is the last one of the day and I'm talking about upcoming Visual Studio 2005 features. The event registration has been full all week in Wellington and Auckland, so there are only spaces left in Christchurch...
  • Code/Tea/Etc...

    My MSDN Magazine article is up on the MSDN site...

    It is all about "My", a feature of Visual Basic 2005... and I think it is fairly interesting stuff :) Check it out here...
  • The Wayward WebLog

    Code Warriors

    The smell of sulfur is in the air, as clouds of smoke slowly dissipate in the stale wind. The debris of war is strewn across the battlefield; crumpled metal canisters, oil stained boxes and the melted remains left by soldiers long gone; nothing left standing...
  • Brad Abrams

    Early warning on obsolete members coming in .NET Framework 2.0 (Whidbey)

    We have a very cool report we run every week over the entire .NET Framework that shows which members were obsoleted. As I was reviewing that list, I thought that this would be great information to get out to customers right away. After all if you are...
  • Vinayak's WebLog

    My first blog!

    I am Vinayak Tadas, a developer in the Commerce Server team in Microsoft. Seeing so many blogs on different Microsoft products, I also decided to create my own blog. I will be writing about Commerce Server in general and the the Product Catalog system...
  • Santomania

    Using Access 2003 as a Smart Client

    If a 'Smart Client' means being able to work online or offline and call Web Services then here is an example. This app lets you copy the WSSFAQ and view it in an Access form.
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