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  • Stephen Kaufman's WebLog

    Early Termination with Position Flat Files

    When working with flat files, BizTalk assumes that each and every line contains data to match the length of the record you specified in your schema. If the data does not match the length with data then it expects that it will find spaces. It does not...
  • Code/Tea/Etc...

    New 'Diary of a .NET Newbie' column up at

    Part of vbCity's newsletter, the 'diary' column always has some great content focused on how-to information for people who are ramping up on VB.NET... the latest post talks about the concept of an Owned Form, and it is pretty useful stuff... Diary of...
  • .NET Banana

    Ken Spencer Poll for Hampton Roads SQL Server User Group

    Hampton Roads SQL Server User Group is conducting a poll to select a topic for their meeting with Ken Spencer on May 20th. Ken wrote OOP: Building Reusable Components with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and writes the Advanced Basics column in MSDN Magazine...
  • Visual Studio Data

    Adding VS DATA Members Biographies to VS DATA Team blog

    We are in the process of updating the VS DATA team blog with biographies of the VS DATA team members. To kick start the process here is an introduction to Yag<Yair Alan Griver>. A picture will soon be on it's way to go along with the introduction...
  • .NET Banana

    Get a Free Copy of VB .NET Standard Edition by Watching Movies

    VB at the Movies is a collection of dozens of short movies, each featuring a simple “How To...” Each time you watch and rate a movie, you'll collect a point. If you rate five movies, Microsoft will send you a free not for resale copy of Visual...
  • One Louder


    First, I want to thanks the SVPMA and SPM eGroup (especially Cynthia Typaldos ) for the invitation to speak at the SVPMA meeting. Holly and I had a great time and met lots of smart and interesting people. We also got the chance to visit our Silicon Valley...

    Visual C++ Toolkit Articles Updated

    Yesterday, we updated the Visual C++ Toolkit 2003 articles with the name of the author, Kate Gregory. We also added a link to her excellent book, Microsoft Visual C++ .Net 2003 Kick Start to each of the articles so you can read more from Kate.
  • Code/Tea/Etc...

    If video is your thing...

    Watch Mike Schinkel interview Joe Binder (PM of VB's My feature) about VB 2005's "My" Classes. Not into video, check out my article on the same topic.
  • Just Coding

    Logs and Traces in .Net

    I need to add tracing capabilities to my current app, just the ability to set an error level (INFO, WARNING, ERROR) to track the execution of one request in a simple text file, so I started to look for some implementations, I've found two main frameworks...
  • Microsoft InfoPath 2010

    Modifying InfoPath manifest.xsf file from script (4/5)

    Part 4 of 5: Repacking the XSN For packing algorithm we will use another useful utility from the Cabinet SDK which called “makecab.exe”. It can be found in the same place where extract.exe lives. This utility needs some data description file that we will...
  • Dan Crevier's Blog

    More details on Hotmail's use of IronPort for spam filtering

    There has been some slightly misleading press on Hotmail's use of IronPort to provide a whitelist for junk mail filtering. Jeff Patridge posted a conversation with Reeves Li ttle of the Hotmail team where a few things were clarified. The white list is...
  • Mike Swanson's Blog

    P/Invoke Add-In for Visual Studio .NET 2003

    From the must-read-blog of Chris Sells comes word about an add-in for Visual Studio .NET 2003 that allows you to insert P/Invoke signatures by right-clicking in your source code. If that isn’t cool enough, you can also contribute P/Invoke signatures...
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