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  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    If you were a dog, what type of dog would you be?

    My teammate just suggested a new Microsoft interview question …. If you were a dog, what type of dog would you be? Apparently, the answer tells a lot about your personality. :) But seriously, if you need a break, go here and take this quiz . (Click...
  • Ivan Joseph's WebLog

    Our Technical Chats start tomorrow at 9:00 am pacific

    Hi guys: I'm back in the office after my knee suregry. I feel fine and can walk without any crutches. I haven't started jogging yet but hope to do that in about a month... Anway I hope you are all jogging along nicely with your projects. I wanted...
  • David Crawford's WebLog

    Are you ready to experience SQL Server 2005?

    Announcing the launch of the SQL Server 2005 Virtual Hands on labs. In these labs, you will get to experience many of the new features in SQL Server 2005 including CLR integration, XML support and deep business intelligence integration. Just follow...
  • aaron's weblog

    Visual Studio 2005: Tool Window Tabs

    Aaaaand, I think we're all finished with the tabs for VS 2005. You won't see this design in Beta 2, but it'll certainly be present in RTM. Thanks again for all of the feedback we got on these, it really was a huge help :) We ended up not going with fins...
  • Devhammer on MSDN

    Getting CommunityServer

    A call from a customer prompts me to make sure that folks who are interested in downloading and using the cool new CommunityServer blog software (plus forums and photo gallery features) that now powers know where to find it. It's easy to...
  • Dan Fernandez's Blog

    C# and Windows Forms Europe and Africa Tour

    Are you a Visual Studio .NET 2003 developer who wants to get a headstart on Visual Studio 2005? Are you interested in learning about the new features and capabilities in Visual Studio 2005? Then you should definitely attend the C# and Windows Forms user...
  • Dan Fernandez's Blog

    You've never really lived until...

    • 1 Comments've dragged an MVP/RD ( Scott Hanselman ) by force onto a conference room table and held him down while he's forced to drink Microsoft Brand(tm) Kool-Aid. I can only imagine what the people with ajoining offices to the conference room thought...
  • Dariusz quatscht

    Technical Summit Tour 2005

    Es ist wieder einmal soweit. Der Technical Summit 2005 kommt dieses Jahr in Form einer Tour durch die deutschen Städte und stoppt dann in Zürich. Neu ist dieses mal das die Inhalte dieses mal nicht nur für Entwickler interessant sind sondern auch Infrastruktur...
  • John R. Durant's WebLog

    Microsoft Excel VBA and a great new book

    I have exchanged a number of emails over the past couple of years with Stephen Bullen . He and I met up at an event here about 18 months ago, and what struck me is how sweeping his thoughts are about Office development generally. Sure, he's an Excel expert...
  • Ben Armstrong

    Non-integrated mouse under Virtual Server 2005

    A while ago I told you about using the non-integrated mouse feature under Virtual PC (here ). Now it turns out that there is no easy way for a user to turn this feature on or off under...
  • Dariusz quatscht

    SQL Server 2005 Virtual Labs

    Eine Menge Webcasts schon zu SQL Server 2005 gesehen und noch immer nicht die Gelegenheit gehabt das Produkt selbst mal zu testen. Hier kann Abhilfe geschaffen werden. Microsoft stellt nun in virtuellen Labs den SQL Server 2005 zur Verfügung und man kann...
  • Cyrus' Blather

    Color schemes

    I got a message from a couple of my readers that they were finding it hard to read the new page because of the light on dark text. Interestingly enough i find it far more readable this way, but i definitely do not want people to be frustrated with the...
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