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  • FitzBlog

    Please Stay Out Of The Database!!!

    We had a fun internal debate this week on a new tool developed in France. If you can read French, it’s documented here ; the download link for the executable (whose UI is in English) is here . The tool grabs deleted documents from the database and...
  • Rob Caron


    intraVnews by FolderGlue Last month, I started a search for a new feed reader after my trusty NewsGator committed the unforgivable sin of altering my data without permission (after using a hotel Internet service proxy, the application overwrote the...
  • Robert Burke's MSDN Weblog

    ASP.NET 2: DetailsView Control containing a Drop-Down List in Edit Mode?

    Among the ASP.NET questions I received was one (out in Galway) where someone asked if it's possible to customize the input controls used to enter values into a GridView or DetailsView control. Specifically, I was asked if you can present a DropDownList...
  • FitzBlog

    Why do the WSS/SPS teams seem to be so darned tight-lipped about futures?

    You may have noticed this blog’s byline,.in which I refer to myself as “sharing whatever he can get away with” about developing with SharePoint Products and Technologies. Those words were very carefully chosen. Microsoft is not a...
  • Lori Pearce's WebLog

    New From the PSDK

    Many of you have already heard that Windows Server 2003 SP1 has left the building. The finishing touches are being put on the PSDK for Windows Server 2003 SP1 right now. It will be ready for down load around mid-April. In the meantime, the latest WinFX...
  • Antimail

    COM and .NET: what's wrong with this code?

    Can you spot the mistake in this code? Here we implement a CCW-based .NET object. This COM class is exposed as from a certain process (say, a service) to other processes in the system. We implement a simple get/set accessor that receives an array of objects...
  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    Interested in Design or Usability roles with Microsoft? Meet Julie!

    While my job is to be a central hub for all things “core tech” recruiting (development, test, and program management) at Microsoft, one of my teammates, Julie Stringham, is the main point of contact for design and usability recruiting. Julie is headed...
  • Chris Rathjen

    Team Foundation vs. Subversion: Shelving

    We found an article online recently, where one of the Subversion guys is talking about shelving . First, despite the title, we're not against each other (at least, not exactly) - we have a couple Subversion fans in our own office, for that matter. But...
  • One Louder

    MSN search uncovers the "real" me

    OK, so it's just a spoof . But it could be true. You know, if I didn't have any self-esteem. If you feel the need to mock yourself, have at it. Good clean fun for everyone.
  • The ShiSh List

    Interesting hack for using Today in a calculated column

    I came across a post by Peter Blair on WSS Newsgroup describing a hack for adding calculated columns using Today. See:
  • Andrew May's WebLog

    OneNote: Importing Pages that Vanish

    Here's an interesting little "gotcha" that was found by Saul Candib , the programmer-writer who is taking over documenting OneNote programming features, now that I've moved over to SharePoint . Using my article Importing Content into OneNote 2003 SP1...
  • Ian's Software for Mere Mortals

    Notes on creating EDI schemas for BizTalk Server 2004

    Originally BizTalk Server 2004 has the limitation of adding new EDI schemas. However SP1 now allows to add new schemas and the KB article 840113 describes how to implement EDI schemas for BizTalk. I had implemented new EDI schemas with the KB article...
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