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  • Mikhail Arkhipov (MSFT)'s WebLog

    How do you see markup syntax of ASP.NET controls with generics?

    Reading this post made me thinking how exactly markup for a generic control should look like. It would be nice to have something that is SGML-compiliant syntax so we won't have to special case anything in our parser. For example < vc : SomeGenericControl...
  • janok's WebLog

    ISA Server 2004

    Hvis dere har noen kunder som kunne være interessert i ISA Server 2004 Enterprise Edition har vi nå mulighet til å melde dem på betaprogrammet. Send meg i såfall en mail. Under er vår interne invitasjon:. =============================================...
  • Alain's Globosphere

    About backward compatibility of XP SP2: Life has changed ...

    I read a lot of comments about the backward compatibility "issues" of Windows XP SP2 and I understand that this could be quite frustrating that an application does not run the way it always did but let me try telling why by using a real life example,...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    RSS Weather

    As a Londoner, now I can get depressed by RSS Weather . Thanks to David in sunn y ier Sydney Brisbane..grrrr.
  • Jonathan Hardwick

    Using SUS to deploy XP SP2

    As a followup to Monday's post on using SMS to install XP SP2 , the Software Update Services team have now released guidance on deploying Windows XP Service Pack 2 with SUS . This can dramatically cut the bandwidth requirements for a company and enable...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Testing, Testing, 1,2,3

    You dev? You test? You PM? You are 'client'? Then you need to check out The Braidy Tester (Making developers cry since 1995) are some of my favourite posts from his blog: New kid on the blogk "I am a Test Technical Lead, which means I set the technical...
  • Marco Dorantes' WebLog

    What use good designers to convey good designs?

    There is a good design process shared by design professions like architecture, urban design or engineering, of course there are stylistic variations of this process but it is essentially the same for all schools of design within this family of design...
  • 微軟技術社群 Microsoft Technical Community

    精選技術文章 - 技術文件

    微軟技術社群暨最有價值專家網站 ,與您分享最新的技術 文件,歡迎您有空上去參考一下。請您持續給予微軟技術社群暨最有價值專家更多的支持與愛護,謝謝。     微軟「最有價值專家」沈炳宏先生最新力作 Exchange Server 2003 嚴重損壞修復操作手冊第一版 ( 新發行 ) Exchange Server 2003 高可用性手冊第一版 ( 新發行 ) Exchange 2003 的新功能 規劃 Exchange 2003 郵件系統 Exchange 2003 部署手冊 Exchange Server...
  • Mike Swanson's Blog

    Applications Affected by Windows XP Service Pack 2

    We’ve published a Knowledge Base article about known applications that are affected by the recently released Windows XP Service Pack 2 . KB article 842242 contains all of the details. Most of the applications and games on the list need to have some...
  • Santomania

    "InteropServices.SEHException: External component has thrown an exception" - Solved!

    I finally solved the problems with enabling XP Visual Styles (Themes) which I described here . My initial attempt worked on some computers but not others; apparently there is some mystic connection between the themed activation context, the color of my...
  • Marco Dorantes' WebLog

    Good designs come from good designers, good designers come from...

    Good designers come from a continuous observation, scrutiny and practice of the reflective conversation with the situation at hand. “[The designer] works in particulars situations, uses particular materials, and employs a distinctive medium and...
  • Being Scott Densmore

    TDD with CAS

    Brian Button and myself have been talking heavily on how we do CAS Unit Testing. Here are a couple of links that will help out. I think it is about running tests in a separate AppDomain. Here are some links to look at as I work more on this…. http...
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