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  • TimSull's Blog

    VS Settings (finally)

    Ah, VS Settings. I've been meaning to post on this topic for ... oh ... about 4 months now. I guess it's about time. If you've ever used Visual Studio and you've ever ventured onto the Tools.Options dialog, you've discovered the dizzying array of customizable...
  • JoeN's Blog

    JoeN OOF until May 10!

    I'll be OOF (Out of Office) until May 10 as I go home to Australia for a month! It will be my first time back to Australia for two years and for the first time I'm not going back and doing conference presentations at some point during the trip so I get...
  • Matt Powell

    WS-Eventing Interop Workshop details posted

    The Interop scenarios along with all the logistical information for the upcoming WS-Eventing Interop Workshop have been posted . If you have a WS-Eventing implementation you should plan on being in Redmond on April 15th. -Matt
  • Brad Abrams

    Unix style mount points...

    One of the devs on the BCL team created this cool little sample while investigation a Whidbey bug and I thought I’d share it with you… C:\code >mount a: c:\MountPoint Managed Unix-style mount program Mounting volume a:\ at c...
  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    What to wear …aka Recruiter eye for the Tech guy

    Lately, it seems like posts I intend on writing get pushed back due to the high demand for other subjects. That’s cool. I just want to give the readers what they want!! Five people in the last two days have requested I discuss interview...
  • Microsoft InfoPath 2010

    Enabling Cuneiform Support in InfoPath 2003 SP1

    Very often customers ask how they can enable Cuneiform entry in forms being deployed to their overseas customers. One of the exciting additions in the upcoming service pack is Antediluvian Syllabary support. With this feature, users will be able enter...
  • Andy Pennell's Blog

    Other Related Bloggers

    If you visit here you will find other C# team members who blog. Other debugger team blogs are: Developers: Gregg , Steve , Jim , and Me Testers: Min , Monica , Rich , Deep Program Managers: Scott I will update the list as more debugger team...
  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium

    User focus on the C# Language Design Team

    Rick writes an interesting article Rick is a really sharp guy who became a usability engineer by an interesting journey (which he should blog about sometime - hint hint). He has an innate feel for how people relate not only to computers but in other...
  • Windows Mobile Team Blog

    Hard Reset from .NET CF

    Have you ever needed to write .NET CF code that forces a device to hard-reset? Here's my solution: [DllImport("Coredll.dll")] extern static int KernelIoControl( int dwIoControlCode, IntPtr lpInBuf, int nInBufSize, IntPtr lpOutBuf, int nOutBufSize...
  • Joel Pobar's CLR weblog

    Late-bound invocation notes - CallVirt, Delegates, DynamicMethod, InvokeMember.

    I've been cooking up some notes on the ways one may do late-bound or dynamic invocation. It's unpolished, but hopefully you can dig yourself out of the weeds to get something out of it. Don't expect it to be complete, but if there's enough interest, I...
  • Rudi Larno's WebLog

    Call for Sessions - XP Day Benelux 2004

    I believe not enough people in the .NET community are aware of Agile Software Development; so here goes... ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Call for Sessions - XP Day Benelux 2004 19 November 2004 Mechelen, Belgium...
  • Fabulous Adventures In Coding


    #ifndef CLASSFAC_H #define CLASSFAC_H class ClassFactory : public IClassFactory { private: long m_cref; ClassFactory(); ~ClassFactory(); public: static HRESULT Create(ClassFactory * * ppFactory); // IUnknown STDMETHODIMP QueryInterface...
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