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  • Rob Earhart's WebLog

    Childhood computers

    So I was visiting my parents the other day. They've been going through old boxes of stuff, simplifying a little, and had stumbled across the first home computer we bought: a Commodore 128. This was the state of the art when I was in sixth grade, I think...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Christmas or Valentines ?

    I was out doing some last minute food shopping yesterday afternoon and found the display of Valentines clothing in Fred Meyers – is it just me, or are holidays and special days such as Valentines just blurring into one long shopping experience ...
  • Ercenk's WebLog

    Reminder for me: life is not all about computers and software solutions…

    Having posted my question to the world, “What is migration?”; it dawned on me that this is rather a generic question. It results in all sorts of different answers if a search is done on the web: (
  • Ben Armstrong

    A Very Merry Virtual Server, umm Christmas

    Well - my kids are both finally asleep - and 'Santa' has been to put presents in their stockings - so I have a little time to relax before heading to bed early (as I know that my children will wake up *Very* early). So what better to do than to post to...
  • Ed Draper

    Huygens Probe detaches tonight!

    Wow - the Cassini mission to Saturn has gone well. Tonight, the Huygens probe is going to be released. Descent through Titan's atmosphere is set to occur January 14th. I wonder what we'll discover!
  • !! Saurabh's world of possibilities !!

    Implementing Flexible Passport Co-branding

    Little busy with, recently started implementing Passport flexible co-branding. Just writing up a component for reading co-branding settings from .XML file and produce co-branding html for Passport website. So, soon you can expect some code / if possible...
  • Omar Shahine

    RSS in Outlook and Newsgator

    I've been using Newsgator Outlook Edition for over a year now and generally think it's a rock solid piece of software. However, today I installed it from all my computers. I've come to the conclusion that RSS in Outlook is not what *I* want. Dare Obasajo...
  • jfo's coding

    History of bools and p/invoke

    Raymond has an interesting post on the history of boolean across different APIs. Because each different kind of boolean has a different size/interpretation for true/false, when writing a p/invoke definition it's important to use the MarshalAs attribute...
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    第一眼看到 C++/CLI 的介绍的时候,只是听说,这是变得很厉害的一个东东,不仅是因为功能变得很强,而且是因为基本上重写了 Visual Studio.NET 中的 C++ 。那不管怎么样,只有仔细看看,才能做出判断。 1. 其实,仔细看看,底层是不怎么动的,该得比较厉害的,就是具体的语法了。 Visual Studio.NET 2001/2003 中的 C++ (Managed C++) 语法太别扭了,所以他们差不多重写了一次。例如,一个很大的变化是 __gc new 到 gcnew 。 我们知道计算机的内存中有栈...
  • Aali's blog

    Help for installing the Dec CTP

    Rob Caron has some links to updated installation advice for VSTS December CTP in his blog. I suggest you browse through them if you intend to install the recent CTP. I'll leave reading them to a later date, because Santa is visiting us any moment now...
  • Mike Swanson's Blog

    Visual Studio 2005 CTP for December 2004 Available for Download

    According to Rob Caron , you can now download the Visual Studio 2005 Community Technology Preview (CTP) for December 2004 at the MSDN Subscriptions site . The download is an ISO image for the English version of the DVD and weighs in at a whopping 3.16GB...
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