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  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    Rites of passage

    Gretchen’s post on “I love this company” really hit home for me as I think it did with some other folks. It reminded me of my own post on why I do what I do . I went back and read both and it was great motivation. We have been facing...
  • jaybaz [MS] WebLog

    What is TDD?

    It took me a while to figure this stuff out. Maybe most people already know this, in which case I’m the last one to the party. Unit Testing is not the only way to do Test-Driven Development . All you need is 1) don't write any code without...
  • One Louder

    ResumeBlogs work...I have proof

    Back in March, I told you that ResumeBlogs work . And in other posts, I've encouraged active networking as part of a career search (including networking via blogs). Even in the ProfGuilds' Software Product Marketing Discussion Group , there is conversation...
  • scooblog by josh ledgard

    RE: I'm not gonna disclose every post

    I'd comment on your blog Robert, but you don't support the comment API so it's against my personal rules. Anyway, Scoble had this to say about my post last night. When would I not listen to my bosses? If they told me to put a disclaimer on every...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    June 21st date set for first private space flight

    Very cool - the first private company making a bid to get a craft into space (329,000ft) twice in two weeks is set for June 21st, keep an eye on the news... - Mike
  • My Name is Thayer. I am 3 Years Old

    When I Was a Plant

    When I was a plant, Daddy put me in the ground and covered me up and gave me a lot of water. I grew and grew and grew, and I popped out of the ground and I was all green. Then, the Garden Man came along with a hose and sprayed me and went “pssssshhhh...
  • Cyrus' Blather

    C# a hit at tech-ed

    We got the results of the user feedback about the Tech-Ed session on C# IDE enhancements. The session was run was run by Joe and Anson and was the ranked the 3rd best session by the attendies. The 1st and 2nd best were the pair of talks by Scott Guthrie...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Handheld PC and Sony stops shipping PDA's outside of Japan.

    Remember the first Handheld PC's running Windows CE 1.0, through to the H/PC running Windows CE 3.0 ? - these were small, lightweight devices, the progress in processor design from companies like Transmeta now means that the size of the H/PC Windows CE...
  • Eric Lee - A Humble Blog


    Hi - this is my first post for my blog; I'm Eric Lee, a Program Manager for Visual Studio Team System. My specific area of concentration is the performance tools. Our feature team was recently announced at TechEd 2004 in San Diego. Looking forward to...
  • Yossi Sa'aron's (YossiS) WebLog

    Me in a nutshell...

    I have my one foot in the IT/Dev world and the other in Business. I have a personal column on Windows IT-related topics up on the TechNet website, I lecture at TechEd events, TechNet seminars and more, and have been involved in writing Microsoft Official...
  • Stan Lippman's BLog

    A Question of Interopt

    A reader asks the following question, Sender: Richard Hsu Stan, Would you suggest, for those of us who are yet to begin learning MC++, to wait till C++/CLI ships, because we'll not only be learning what will be obsolete syntax, but also...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Hubble to get serviced by Robots by 2007.

    Apparently, shuttle missions to service Hubble are too dangerous, it looks like NASA are wanting to have robots do the work instead.
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