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  • 철수네 소프트웨어 세상 [마이크로소프트 지점]

    FxCop 1.35 정식~

    • 0 Comments 얼마전에 RC버젼이 나왔다 고 포스팅했는데, 금새 정식 버젼이 나왔습니다. .NET 개발자에게는 필수 툴! 다운로드 받으세요~
  • Riham Selim's Blog

    Which performance counters to monitor on an azure role?

    One of the first questions we asked when visual studio online (which was still back then) was released was which performance counters should we be watching? How can we tell that something is wrong? Now almost 4 years later we know a...
  • Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework

    [Sample Of Dec 5th] How to Get Delegate Information in Office 365 Exchange Online

    Sample Download : Currently, you can easily get delegates in Outlook. But you find this feature is not available in Outlook Web App (OWA). In this application, we will demonstrate how to get...
  • Visual Studio 日本チーム ブログ

    [アーカイブ] TFS ビルドサービスを可視化する [Advent 12/3]

    <オリジナル投稿 2012年12月3日 本ポストの情報はオリジナル投稿時点のものです。マイクロソフトの正式な見解や製品の仕様を保証するものではないことをご了承ください。> Team Foundation Server / Team Foundation Service は オープンな ALM プラットフォームという位置づけです。 TFS 自体が、開発リソースを包括的に運営できるため、多くのサードパーティ製品や OSS のユーティリティが開発され、活用されています。 日本語のものはあまり多くはありませんが...
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV Team Blog

    New NAV Design Patterns

    The NAV Design Patterns Wiki site was announced in November, as a repository containing the first NAV design pattern descriptions, together with a call for contributions. We would like to say “welcome to the team”, to our new design patterns...
  • Heavily Caffeinated

    Getting LightSwitch Web App Memory Dumps and so much more using KUDU

    There’s an nice little diagnostic tool that is available for all Windows Azure Web Sites that I came across called KUDU . KUDU is one of those neat little things that is developed here at Microsoft that I seem to just accidentally stumble into...
  • KKONDO's Blog

    Visual Studio で自動 UI テストを実施

    Visual Studio Premium エディション以上には、 自動 UI テスト の機能が搭載されています。 アプリケーションやブラウザの操作を 記録、再生、値の検証 を行うことができ、 これによって、アプリに改修が入った際の UI の再テスト (回帰テスト) が効率化 します。 正式な機能名は「 コード化された UI テスト 」英語では「 Coded UI Test (略して CUIT) 」といいます。 詳細については、 こちら をご参照ください。 ここでは最も基本的な手順を解説したいと思います...
  • Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework

    [Sample Of Jan 30th] How to use Task based programming technology in Windows Azure Service Bus.

    Sample Download : Windows Azure Service Bus API now supports task based programming. This sample shows how to use async key word with this new API. You can find more code samples...
  • OData Team

    Announcing datajs version 0.0.4

      We are excited to announce that datajs version 0.0.4 is now available at . The latest release adds support for Reactive Extensions for Javascript (RxJs), forward and backwards cache filtering, extended metadata, simplified...
  • Steve Clayton

    Enchanted by Office

    Check out our latest viral campaign (they even have the Digg option on this one!) which uses a groovy cartoon to tell the story of improved productivity using Office 2007 and the ribbon. Geoff makes a good call when he see on episode 6 they kill off clippy...
  • MSMQ from the plumber's mate

    Windows 2003 service pack 0 approaching end of support

    The holidays are behind us so now is a good time to mention that support for Windows 2003 sans service pack retires in 96 days on the 10th of April 2007. (Everybody already on service pack 1 doesn't need to panic until 2009.) Luckily Windows 2003 sp2...
  • Aali's blog

    MIX 07 - erilainen vappu

    Haluatko kuulla millaiset Microsoftin suunitelmat ovat ns designer-tuotteiden osalta? Haluatko viettää ensi vapun Las Vegasissa? Osallistu MIX07 -konferenssiin, rekisteröinti on nyt auki. Lisätiedot osoitteessa
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